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AT&T in Denmark

Across our four offices in Denmark, AT&T offers a comprehensive service portfolio to clients, helping them to put their business in motion. AT&T in Denmark supports both country headquartered organizations as well as local branches of global clients.


Clients in Denmark can benefit from an industry-leading portfolio that includes Mobility, Network, Network Security, Cloud, Hosting, Voice, Unified Communications and Application services. These are implemented locally by experienced AT&T engineers and supported by a local account team.

Supporting global enterprises across such industries as business services, energy, manufacturing and hospitality, our offices in Denmark should be the first port of call for any business or organization looking to mobilize its people, assets or information.

  • Ballerup
  • AT&T GNS Denmark
  • Borupvang 1
  • 2750 Ballerup
  • Denmark
  • Risskov
  • AT&T GNS Denmark
  • Bytoften 1
  • 8240 Risskov
  • Denmark

  • Brondby
  • AT&T GNS Denmark
  • Provensvej 1
  • 2605 Brondby
  • Denmark
  • Soeborg
  • AT&T GNS Denmark
  • Automatikvej 1
  • 2860 Soeborg
  • Denmark