Connecting the World – Comprehensive Voice and Data Solutions

At the core of AT&T’s business are our traditional voice and data services, all designed to help you extend your network reach, meet customer demand or accelerate profitability. Enabling your associates and partners to connect – anywhere, anytime – improves speed, precision and output, and it’s what creates an advantage for your business. From around the block to around the world, our customers have used our leading voice and data services to expand their footprint, enhance their own infrastructure, augment their customer portfolios and run their operations  globally  for over a century.

Voice Networking Solutions

International Long Distance Voice Services

Expand your reach and accelerate profitability with AT&T’s rich portfolio of world-class wholesale voice services designed to satisfy the communications needs of service providers worldwide.

VOIP Services

Global Hubbing IP Access (GHIA)

Evolve your business to the next generation of converged communications with this turn-key IP access solution for international voice call termination. GHIA provides a complete, centrally managed solution that allows Voice Carriers and IP-enabled Service Providers to easily establish and operate IP Telephony services over AT&T’s award-winning, worldwide network.   

Data Networking Solutions

Domestic Private Line Services

Extend network reach with end-to-end domestic data transport from DS-0 to OC-192 transmissions speeds. AT&T's extensive domestic footprint, combined with our new low-cost structure enables us to bring a portfolio of end-to-end transport solutions to the marketplace that allow wholesale customers to increase their operating margins while passing savings on to their end users!

International Frame Relay & ATM Services

Offer new services to your end users  worldwide or expand your network infrastructure with AT&T Frame Relay and ATM Services. Available both in the U.S. and around the world in over 56 countries, these high-quality packet services provide you with global high-speed transport, high levels of security and a network that can quickly scale to meet your growth requirements.

International Private Line Services

Enhance your international competitive position with dedicated bandwidth for data transmission between U.S. and non-U.S. locations, and intra-country transmission in specific Europe, Asia and Latin-America regions at speeds ranging from 56/64K (DS0) to STM-16, depending on the country.

Optical Mesh Service

Intensify operational efficiency by building and self-administering your own baseline SONET networks with port speeds up to OC48.

Carrier Hotel Access Offer

Increase accessibility with data transport services from select carrier hotels throughout the U.S. at transmission speeds from DS3 through OC192, and dedicated high-speed Internet access via AT&T’s Managed Internet Services (MIS) at transmission speeds up to 10 GigE. Transmission speed availability is contingent upon service required and location.