Technical Assessments Group

With competitive pressures rising, you have important choices to make - architecture, processes, technologies, suppliers and more. One poor choice can lead to long, expensive development cycles and lower quality.

Services offered by the Technical Assessments Group (TAG) can help you make the right choices in producing, acquiring, and integrating software. We have experience in applying techniques and technologies proven to work throughout the industry to set the stage for rapid development, reduced costs, and high quality.

TAG conducts formal assessments of processes and technologies and recommends strategies to help your project deliver maximum value . Our services include:

Our clients say that these services provide insight about project strengths, while identifying and prioritizing areas of concern.

We can help develop your team's system architecture skills through our System Architecture Seminar

Architecture Assessments

Development teams today face an architectural challenge: Devise a foundation that will provide a stable base on which complex systems can be built and extended over time.

There is a solution that can save you time and money. TAG has conducted hundreds of architecture discoveries and reviews. On average, our clients report a saving of 1.5 staff years per project. Give us less than one week of on-site time and your project could be on its way to similar savings. TAG offers three types of assessment services that target architecture issues:

  1. Architecture Validation Assessments examine whether a project's architecture is suitable to the problem it is attempting to solve. The assessment team reviews requirements, reliability, availability, performance, security, error recovery, operations, administration, maintenance, and provisioning. These assessments help the project team ensure completeness, understand design choices, and prioritize areas of concern.
  2. Architecture Discovery Assessments explore alternative architectures before a specific architecture has been chosen. The assessment team works with project members, focusing on areas of design vulnerability. These reviews examine the client's problem statement, the project's goals, key requirements, technical feasibility, and success criteria.
  3. Architecture Platform Assessments focus on the successful development and delivery of reusable assets. These assessments examine the ability of the proposed architecture to satisfy the needs of its identified applications while providing the basis for future reuse. Like an Architecture Validation Assessment, this service is preventive and should be performed early in the project life cycle.

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Supplier Assessments

How can you know for sure whether a supplier offers solutions or headaches? TAG's supplier assessment team offers an objective viewpoint that can save time and money. We examine processes between your team and the supplier's team, and analyze the supplier's capabilities in three areas:

  1. Integration - We assess the supplier's product development and quality assurance methodologies for integrating its products or service into your solution.
  2. Outsourcing - We assess the supplier's services, products, and platforms in terms of stability, performance, and availability for outsourced solution development.
  3. Acquisition - We assess the technical and business capabilities of a company that is an acquisition candidate.

When to Assess a Supplier

Before contracting with an outside supplier, all projects experience an enormous leverage advantage. Once you reach contract, the leverage begins shifting to the supplier. Although a supplier can be assessed at any point during a project, the greatest advantage comes when the knowledge gained from the assessment can be applied during contract negotiations.

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Project Management Assessments

Competitive time-to-market issues are shortening delivery schedules at the same time that cost pressures are reducing project funding levels. To lessen or eliminate the dangers these risk factors pose, TAG offers these services:

  • Operational Assessments are end-to-end examinations of software development projects with a focus on recommendations to improve project success. Assessment areas can include:
  • business alignment
  • project management
  • architecture
  • performance/capacity engineering
  • communications
  • roles and responsibilities
  • design
  • testing
  • production/end user support
  • Root Cause Assessments focus on a specific problem or set of problems to determine:
    • why errors were introduced
    • when in the development process they occurred
    • when the errors were detected
    • why they were not detected earlier
    • how to improve your processes to minimize or prevent similar errors from recurring in the future

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