Case Study - Crawford County Sheriff's Department

Courting Safety[PDF, 415k]
VIdeo arraignment saves time and lives at an Arkansas county sheriff's office
Arraigning prisoners typically takes only a few minutes, but is an important early step in the U.S. judicial system that presumes innocence until guilt is proven. To reduce the chance of an escape, chief deputy Ron Brown of the Crawford County Sheriff's Office in Van Buren, AK would handcuff prisoners, put them in leg irons and then chain them together before walking them to their arraignments in the Crawford County Courthouse. Even so, Brown continued to fret about what might go wrong. In search of a better alternative, Brown turned to AT&T. A live video system was installed that allows the judge to remain in the courtroom and prisoners in the jailhouse during arraignments.
Read the complete case study to learn how Crawford County addressed their need for a safe, more efficient way to arraign prisoners and the results they have achieved.