Service Provider Spectrum Newsletter

Service Provider Spectrum Newsletter

Welcome to the first edition of the Service Provider Spectrum, written expressly for our wholesale customers.  I am pleased to share topics of interest and articles highlighting enhancements to our product portfolio.  I hope you find the content relevant to your business.  With our compliments, thank you for your business.

Kathryn Morrissey
Kathryn Morrissey
Senior Vice President
AT&T Wholesale
Thinking About Billing?
AT&T Expanding Speed Offerings for IP Transit / Managed Internet Service
Carrier Hotels
AT&T Domestic Data Private Line Service
IP Cost Savings & Virtual Call Centers
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Thinking About Billing?

Billing is a critical component to the total service experience for wholesale customers who bill their services to retail end users in the 22 state AT&T ILEC (Incumbent Local Exchange Company) franchise area.  Choosing the right billing system is one of the most critical decisions a company can make.  End users expect to receive a bill that is on time, easy to understand and accurate.  Anything less can create a negative customer experience that may impact your company’s image.   

AT&T Billing Solutions (previously known as Billing & Collections service or B&C) is a a representative product1 of the new AT&T and it's expanded 22 state ILEC serving area.  While the AT&T ILECs have provided billing and collection service for many years, we have recently expanded the scope of vendors and services for which it is available. Historically, local telephone companies billed and collected charges for long distance services provided by IXCs.  Today, the AT&T Billing Solutions organization offers those services to other types of businesses, including wireless providers, satellite companies and content providers. 

Including all of an end-users’ communications related charges in one bill is easy and convenient for the end-user. These charges may encompass their local service, wireless service, internet, and digital content purchased over the internet.  So, while an end user may have an AT&T local exchange company for local phone service, the end user’s long distance, wireless or internet service may all be provided by different companies.  With AT&T Billing Solutions, all of these charges can appear on one bill.

For more information, go to Billing Solutions

1 Offered through AT&T Texas, AT&T Oklahoma, AT&T Missouri, AT&T Kansas, AT&T Arkansas, AT&T California, AT&T Nevada, AT&T Illinois, AT&T Indiana, AT&T Michigan, AT&T Ohio, AT&T Wisconsin, AT&T Connecticut, AT&T Alabama, AT&T Florida, AT&T Georgia, AT&T Kentucky, AT&T Louisiana, AT&T Mississippi, AT&T North Carolina, AT&T South Carolina, and AT&T Tennessee.

AT&T Expanding Speed Offerings for IP Transit / Managed Internet Services

AT&T Wholesale is constantly striving to improve its network and to offer more of what its customers want. Internet content and bandwidth needs are exploding, and AT&T Wholesale is positioning itself to meet bandwidth-intensive customers’ needs. If you are doing business on the internet, AT&T Wholesale's Managed Internet Service (MIS)2  offers dedicated access, world-class reliability, excellent performance, scalability and security. MIS's high-speed backbone is a multiple ringed infrastructure protected by physical and logical security features. MIS customers receive 24X7 monitoring and can count on industry-leading Service Level Agreements covering key network indicators such as low packet loss and delay. AT&T Wholesale recognizes that your networks are mission-critical and growing in bandwidth needs. Accordingly, the world-class MIS offering is expanding to encompass 10 Gigabit Ethernet (10GigE) capabilities at more AT&T POPs and Carrier Hotels. AT&T Wholesale 10GigE2 is now available on a controlled introduction basis in AT&T POPs in Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Dallas, San Francisco, Washington DC, Atlanta, and Seattle. Further, we are expanding our reach into the following carrier hotels:

• LA Equinix

• LA - One Wilshire Boulevard

• Seattle Westin

• New York - 111 8th Avenue

• New York - 60 Hudson Street

• Dallas Equinix

• Chicago Equinix

• Atlanta – 56 Marietta

• Ashburn, VA - Equinix

AT&T remains the best option for access to the internet for you and your customers, for Voice over IP, e-commerce, enterprise applications, high speed data applications, and more—whether you are a large content provider or a small internet service provider. Contact your account representative today to learn more about how AT&T can help your business succeed or go to Managed Internet Services.

2 Offered through AT&T Corporation.

Carrier Hotels

AT&T Wholesale recognizes the challenges businesses face in today's economy. Minimizing overhead and optimizing communications efficiency are critical to the future success of companies and the customers they serve. With the AT&T Wholesale Carrier Hotel Access Promotion , cost-effective access to select Carrier Hotelscan help meet these challenges and improve business' performance through AT&T Wholesale’s unique combination of experience, capabilities, and comprehensive solutions. AT&T Wholesale can now provide competitive pricing to select Carrier Hotel locations for new circuits3 at transmission speeds from DS3 through OC192, for the following services:

  • Domestic Data Private Line Services
  • International Private Line Services
  • IXN (International Gateway) Backhaul Service
  • SONET   

Here is a list of the Carrier Hotel sites where lower rates for access are now available!


Carrier Hotel Address

City / State

One Wilshire  / (624 S Grand)

Los Angeles, CA

600 W. 7th St

Los Angeles, CA

818 W. 7th St

Los Angeles, CA

529 Bryant St

Palo Alto, CA

185 Berry St

San Francisco, CA

11 Great Oaks Blvd / Equinix

San Jose, CA

55 S Market

San Jose, CA

1380 Kifer Rd

Sunnyvale, CA

50 NE 9th St

Miami, FL

655 N Franklin St

Tampa, FL

56 Marietta St

Atlanta, GA

350 E Cermak

Chicago, IL

230 Congress St

Boston, MA

300 Bent St

Cambridge, MA

1025 Grand Ave

Kansas City, MO

165 Halsey St

Newark, NJ

275 Hartz Way

Secaucus, NJ

111 8th Ave

New York City, NY

25 Broadway

New York City, NY

60 Hudson

New York City, NY

409 SW 9th Ave

Portland, OR

401 N. Broad

Philadelphia, PA

140 4th Ave N

Seattle, WA

2323 Bryan

Dallas, TX

1950 Stemmons

Dallas, TX

21711 Filigree

Ashburn, VA

2001 6th Ave

Seattle, WA


Learn how AT&T Wholesale’s Carrier Hotel Access Promotion can help you meet the demands of the marketplace while delivering reliable and affordable access that satisfies the current needs of all users while scaling to meet future demand by contacting your AT&T Wholesale Account Representative today.

3 Offered through AT&T Corporation

AT&T Domestic Data Private Line Service

AT&T Wholesale's Domestic Data Private Line Services 4 are designed for high-bandwidth voice, data and video applications - available from DS0 through OC192 data transmission speeds - and are now more affordable than ever before! Customer data is transported securely through dedicated end-to-end facilities with the benefit of a single point of contact for service and support on Total Service options, thus eliminating the need for multi-vendor provisioning.  AT&T Wholesale’s extensive domestic footprint combined with an improved cost structure enables us to bring to the marketplace a portfolio of metro and long-haul end-to-end transport solutions that allow wholesale customers to increase their operating margins while passing savings on to their end users.  AT&T Wholesale can also provide cost-effective access to select Carrier Hotels .

AT&T Wholesale's Domestic Data Private Line Services are especially beneficial as business customers increasingly rely on their networks to support revenue-generating applications, such as e-commerce and other platforms. These same services enable you to provide new technologies to your customers and to better manage your ever-changing needs to:

•   Enhance and compliment your existing offer set with new value-added application services

•   Build and strengthen your own network infrastructure

•   Build backbone networks to support VoIP and multimedia applications

•   Share key resources for collaborative computing

•   Consolidate servers for data backups

•   Enable inter-corporate electronic bonding (ExtraNets)

•   Downsize mainframe applications

•   Support client/server computing (LAN interconnect/WAN)

•   Transport large financial service documents, medical diagnostics or CAD/CAM

Simply stated, AT&T has the scope, vision and proven performance to create reasonably priced integrated wholesale solutions that businesses need!  Learn how   AT&T Wholesale's Domestic Data Private Line Services can meet your business needs and to find out how you can take advantage of our NEW lower rates and cost-effective solutions by contacting your AT&T Wholesale Account Representative today.

4 Offered through AT&T Corporation

IP Cost Savings and Virtual Call Centers

The advent of IP technology is making it possible for corporations to mobilize more of their workforce.   The combination of IP and AT&T Contact Center applications can make a user's physical location irrelevant.  While these applications are useful to a traveling workforce, they can also extend to contact centers employees.  Companies will be able to have, call center agents physically located anywhere, with a broadband connection, and appear to be centralized, saving them overhead on office space.  This is the new Virtual Call Center World of today. 

A new Yankee Group report finds that 47 percent of agent seats in U.S. contact centers will have VoIP capability by the end of 2007, a significant increase from 17 percent last year. The percentages are even higher for real contact center professionals, those that provide outsourced services to enterprises. In groups of real contact center professionals, 50 percent are already using VoIP, and that number is projected to increase to 75 percent in another 12 months, according to senior analyst Ken Landoline, author of the report which interviewed 351 "contact center decision makers."

An AT&T VoIP Contact Center System utilizing AT&T IP Toll Free Service (AT&T-IPTF) 5 provides customers with support for Virtual Call Centers and more capabilities than they would typically have in a traditional Call Center. 

AT&T-IPTF performs seamlessly with any call center platform. It is feature rich, and it allows customers to migrate to IP technology at their own pace.  It has all the features and network resilience synonymous with AT&T 800 service as well as the ability to support traditional digital PBXs and AT&T certified IP PBXs.   Migrating to a VoIP platform is helping customers realize a return on the investments they are putting in their communications infrastructure. . At the same time, we are cognizant of investments made on legacy contact center equipment; and will work with individual clients to create a customized phased migration.  To learn more about AT&T Contact Center and IPTF offerings please contact your account executive or visit Contact Management Services

5 Offered through AT&T Corporation

Upcoming Events

AT&T Wholesale will be participating in these upcoming industry events.  Be sure to mark your calendars.

  • Capacity Africa- Cape Town (Sept 10-11)
  • Carriers World- London (Sept 25-27)
  • CompTel- Dallas (Oct 7-10)
  • Fall VON- Boston (Oct 29- Nov 1)
  • Capacity Europe- Amsterdam (Nov 12-13)

Recent AT&T Wholesale Press Releases
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