AT&T All In One: Calling Services


Features and Benefits

The following services are automatically part of your local business line service you receive with AT&T Local Service unless otherwise noted below:

911: Emergency Service

For emergencies in which there is immediate danger to life, health, or property, dial 911. For non-emergency situations, please contact the police, fire department or medical authorities at the number listed in your local phone book.

711: In-State Telecommunications Relay Service

Telecommunication Relay Service (TRS) operators facilitate telephone communications between TTY (teletype) users who are deaf, severely hard of hearing, speech disabled or those who do not have TTYs. You can reach in-state TRS operators at no additional charge by dialing 711 or using the existing in-state TRS phone numbers. If you are not hearing impaired and do not have TTY and hear a tone when dialing 711, follow the prompts or stay on the line and an operator will assist you.

Directory Assistance

Directory assistance can provide both local and long distance numbers. Directory assistance calls are charged on a per-use basis. To access your local Directory assistance, dial 4-1-1 (in some states 1-411 or 555-1212). If you are an AT&T customer, simply press 00 to reach our AT&T INFO local, long distance, and yellow-page directory and an AT&T representative will assist you.

Operator Services

An operator will help you place collect calls, person-to-person calls, or bill-to-third-party calls. To contact your operator, press 0 for local calls and 00 for long distance calls. Charges will depend on the service requested.

Directory Listings*

With your AT&T Local Service, each customer receives a published listing. Other directory listing options are available upon request. Additional charges may apply.

These options include:

  • "Non-listed" numbers which are not listed in the phone book, but are available through Directory Assistance.
  • "Non-published" numbers which are not listed in the phone book or in Directory Assistance.

* AT&T does not currently offer Yellow Page advertising to its local subscribers.