Humanitarian Relief | Caddo Gap Flashflood

Caddo Gap, AR — June 2010

Satellite COLT at Caddo Gap, AR
An AT&T NDR satellite COLT (cell on light truck) providing
wireless service in the Albert Pike Campground, near
Caddo Gap, AR.

NDR Aids Flash Flood Recovery Efforts in Arkansas

Early on the morning of June 11, 2010, a flash flood swept through a remote region of Arkansas called Caddo Gap, about 75 miles west of Little Rock. Campers and residents along the Caddo River and Little Missouri River were caught in the flood, causing significant loss of life and many injuries.

Because of the area's isolation and rough terrain, there was very little wireless coverage where recovery work was being done. The region's emergency response agencies put in an urgent request for support to AT&T.

AT&T's Network Disaster Recovery (NDR) group deployed a satellite cell on light truck (COLT) to Caddo Gap to provide communications support for emergency responders. The COLT was set up and began processing calls, including 911 calls, on June 12. NDR also deployed a second COLT on Sunday, June 13, which supported the recovery team's command location in Langley, Ark. NDR continued to support the emergency response team's communication needs throughout the duration of the recovery effort.