Humanitarian Relief | Southern California Wildfires

Southern California Wildfires

Working on a satellite COLT
An NDR Ops Team member preparing to turn up service on a satellite COLT.

October 2007

The AT&T NDR Satellite COLT (Cell on Light Truck) and two NDR Ops Team members were deployed to California to provide emergency communications for emergency workers and for citizens who were displace by wildfires. The team arrived on Friday, October 26, 2007 and set up the COLT a relief site in Ramona, CA. At approximately 5:30 PM PT it was configured and began carrying traffic until the permanent sites could be stabilized for the area. Over the next 24 hours the crew maintained the service, as local technicians worked on the permanent cellular sites.

By noon on Sunday, October 28, the COLT and its team began providing service to citizens, responders, and utility workers in Escondido, CA. The NDR team turned the COLT over to the local market staff on Monday evening, October 29, 2007 and were released to return to their home locations. The COLT will remained in service until normal network services were restored to the area and was then returned to the NDR fleet.


Satellite COLT
The Satellite COLT before the cellular antenna mast was raised.

Satellite COLT deployed
The Satellite COLT deployed in Escondido, CA.