Humanitarian Relief

Satellite COLT (Cell on Light Truck)
An AT&T NDR Satellite COLT (Cell on Light Truck) in Margaretville, NY in September 2011.

In addition to supporting AT&T's network, the Network Disaster Recovery Team also uses its mobile satellite capabilities to provide communications support for humanitarian relief efforts. This is accomplished by establishing satellite links to the AT&T network for use by relief organizations and government agencies. The AT&T ECVs (Emergency Communications Vehicles) and Satellite COLTs (Cells on Light Trucks) may also be deployed to provide calling capability for people isolated from their normal communications channels due to widespread disasters and/or evacuations.

NDR used Satellite COLTs to provide cellular service to communities in Vermont and New York that had been damaged by flash floods following Hurricane Irene's landfall in August 2011. In April 2011, NDR deployed two Emergency Communications Vehicles (ECVs) to provide WiFi and LAN connectivity for storm relief centers in Pratt City, AL and Cleveland, TN after a series of devastating tornadoes struck the area.

In June 2010, NDR deployed two satellite COLTs to Arkansas after a flash flood swept through a campground near Caddo Gap. In April 2010, NDR deployed a satellite COLT to Montcoal, WV following the coal mine explosion to provide wireless coverage for the emergency responders.

In October 2007, an NDR satellite COLT was deployed to southern California to provide emergency communications for displaced residents and for emergency responders after wildfires swept through the region.

Emergency Communications Vehicle
An NDR Emergency Communications Vehicle (ECV) (far left) deployed at a storm relief center in Pratt City, AL in May 2011.

Following Hurricane Katrina's landfall in late August 2005, NDR deployed four ECVs and one fly-away satellite unit to locations in Louisiana and Mississippi. The service supported phone banks and command communications for the Louisiana State Police, for National Guard units, for the temporary jail in New Orleans, and for Stennis International Airport.

In 2001, the team had two relief deployments during the World Trade Center Disaster Response. In June, the team provided free phone service in several shelters following the flooding from Tropical Storm Allison in the Houston, Texas area.