Recovery Exercise | 2009 - San Diego, California

2009 Q4 — San Diego, CA

Washington, DC Exercise Site Overview

NDR's 4Q 2009 exercise began on Thursday, October 15, in San Diego, CA and concluded on Thursday evening, October 22. NDR's Special Operations Team and Emergency Communications Team held separate exercises in northern San Diego during the set-up and testing phase of the technology exercise in downtown San Diego.

The Special Operations (hazmat) Team conducted one recon and seven tactical training building entries at the San Diego Data Center (including Level A entries).

The Emergency Communications Team conducted training exercises with a satellite COLT, including set-up and breakdown at a remote site. The team also provided training on a SatCOLT and an ECV at the technology recovery site.

The technical exercise simulated the recovery of an AT&T central office and tested new features of NDR's recovery engineering applications.

The team hosted an elected official tour and an employee tour on Tuesday, October 20, and hosted customer tours on Wednesday, October 21.

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