Recovery Exercise | 2008 - Chicago, Illinois

2008 Q2 — Chicago, Illinois

Overview of NDR's disaster recovery exercise site in Chicago, IL. May 4, 2008

NDR's second quarter 2008 recovery exercise began on Wednesday, April 30 when the team's technology and support equipment arrived at Soldier Field in Chicago, IL. The exercise included hazmat entry drills at a nearby network office, a full technical recovery exercise, and tours for business customers and employees in conjunction with an AT&T Networking Leaders' Forum. The exercise concluded on Friday, May 9 when the team and its equipment left Chicago.

During the exercise, SMEs turn-up and tested NDR's newest IP trailer, installed and tested new equipment in AGN recovery nodes/containers, tested new Nortel switch procedures, and tested turn-up procedures in a new 400G trailer. The hazmat drill included simulated entries in Level B protective equipment at the Soldier Field site and office entries using Level A suits at the network office.

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