Recovery Exercise | 2007 - Anaheim, California

2007 Q1 — Anaheim, California

Cabling at the NDR exercise in Anaheim, CA

NDR's 1Q2007 disaster recovery exercise began on Monday, February 26, in Anaheim, CA, when the technology and support trailers were moved onto the site, grounded and connected to a central power trailer. On Tuesday, February 27, the team interconnected the trailers with fiber and T3 communications cables and set up a 38GHz radio link to a local office to provide connectivity for the site during the technology tests that occurred later in the week.

The team hosted employee tours of the exercise site on Wednesday, February 27. On Thursday, February 28, the team hosted customer tours as part of an AT&T Networking Leader's Forum. Over 600 customers and their account representatives attended the tours. On Friday, the team began technology turn-up and testing. We also hosted a tour with California State legislators and staff members.

Between Saturday, March 3 and Monday, March 5, the team tested the technology equipment and the cable assignments at the trailer complex and completed several training courses. The NDR Operations Team broke down the site and prepared the trailers for transit on March 6, 2007.

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