Recovery Exercises

NDR has held three or four full-scale disaster recovery exercises each year since 1992. The exercises test as many of the NDR processes as possible, from the initial call out, to equipment transportation and setup, to technology turn-up and testing. At these exercises, team members are given hands-on training on new technologies and the recovery equipment is operated in field conditions. The drills are held in a wide variety of weather and settings.

Recent Exercises

2015 Exercises
First Quarter Southeast US Warehouse
Second Quarter Orlando, FL
Second Quarter Southeast US
Data Center
Third Quarter Western US Warehouse
Fourth Quarter New York City
2014 Exercises
First Quarter McLean, VA
Second Quarter Chicago, IL
Third Quarter Solon/Medina, OH
Fourth Quarter Paris, France
2013 Exercises
First Quarter Atlanta, GA
Second Quarter Hartford/Cheshire, CT
Second Quarter Amsterdam, Netherlands
Third Quarter Portland, OR
2012 Exercises
First Quarter Hallandale Beach, FL
Second Quarter Toronto, Ontario
Third Quarter Cincinnati, OH
Fourth Quarter Los Angeles, CA
2011 Exercises
First Quarter
Second Quarter
Third Quarter
Fourth Quarter
Dallas, TX
Nashville, TN
Twickenham, UK
National Harbor, MD
2010 Exercises
First Quarter
Second Quarter
Third Quarter
Fourth Quarter
New Orleans, LA
Dearborn, MI
San Jose, CA
King of Prussia, PA