Wildfire Support | 2015 - Washington & California

SatCOLT & ECV Deployment to Mountain Ranch, CA

ECV deployed in Mountain Ranch, CA

NDR deployed a Satellite COLT and an ECV (Emergency Communications Vehicle) to Mountain Ranch, CA on September 29, 2015, to provide cellular and Wi-Fi service after the town lost normal communications service because of the Butte wildfire. The Wi-Fi service was turned down on November 12; the Satellite COLT is expected to remain in service until December 2015.


Satellite COLT Deployed to Middleton, CA (Valley Fire)

Satellite COLT deployed in Middleton, CA

NDR deployed a Satellite COLT to Middleton, CA on September 13, 2015, after the town was heavily damaged by the Valley Fire. The COLT augmented cellular service in the area from September 14-21, 2015.


COLT Deployment to Washington for Wildfire Support

Satellite COLT deployed in Chelan Falls, WA

AT&T deployed a Satellite COLT on August 15, 2015, to provide emergency communications support at a wildfire command camp in Chelan Fall, WA. The COLT remained on site providing cellular service until August 31, 2015.