Hurricane Irene | Connecticut, New York, Vermont

Hurricane Irene — August/September 2011

Satellite COLT in Margaretville, NY

AT&T’s Network Disaster Recovery Team was activated on Thursday evening, August 25, and prepared to provide emergency communications support for AT&T’s Hurricane Irene response. The first team members, four satellite COLTs (Cells on Light Trucks) and support vehicles/trailers were deployed to a staging location on Saturday, August 27. (Satellite COLTs can provide cellular communications in areas without normal wireless coverage or in areas that have lost coverage due to damage to network facilities.)

Between September 1 and September 20, NDR had satellite COLTs deployed in areas of Connecticut, Vermont, and New York that had been damaged by Irene’s winds, tidal surge, and flooding. The satellite COLTs were taken out of service as normal communications capabilities returned to the impacted areas.