Deployments | Nashville Flooding - May 2010

Cumberland River Flooding | Nashville, TN — May 2010

Bolivar Penn
An AT&T NDR satellite COLT (cell on light truck) providing
WiFi and voice service at a relief center in Nashville, TN.

NDR Restores, Provides Communication Services in Wake of Nashville Floods

After torrential rainfall in the Nashville area on May 1 and 2, 2010, flooding on the Cumberland River caused major devastation in the region. AT&T's Network Disaster Recovery (NDR) team was activated on May 3 to help restore cell service in Bellevue, Tenn., a suburb of Nashville. AT&T's Central Office in Bellevue was flooded with approximately three feet of water after the record rainfall, impacting wireless service for some area customers.

NDR activated additional resources on May 4, including a small command center and a hybrid emergency communications vehicle/cell on light truck/command center. That equipment provided workspace and communications for the recovery work in the Bellevue office. Team members and equipment were also deployed to restore connectivity to the isolated cell sites, restoring service for customers.

In addition, NDR provided connectivity for phone banks/Wi-Fi hotspots set up at the Bellevue Library and the Coleman Community Center (and later, the Napier Community Center), where FEMA processing centers were located. Flood victims seeking assistance were able to use complimentary phone and Internet service to contact family members or take care of other communications needs.

NDR team members remained deployed in the area for more than a week to restore service and assist flood victims.