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AAFES Support / Iraq

Deployable Satellite Calling Centers — Kuwait/Iraq
June 2003 (ongoing)

Satellite calling center in Iraq.
An AT&T Deployable Satellite Calling Center in service in Iraq.
June 24, 2003.

In early April 2003, AT&T Network Disaster Recovery designed and managed the assembly of six deployable satellite calling centers for use in Iraq. The calling centers were developed with AT&T ACS to provide telephone service to U.S. troops deployed in Iraq, supporting an ACS contract with the Army Air Force Exchange Service. AAFES manages the U.S. military PXs around the world.

Four NDR team members accompanied the equipment to Kuwait in early June 2003 to train AT&T contractors on the turn-up and maintenance of the calling centers. The first of the centers was brought online on June 24, 2003. In their first four months of service, the units have provided over 900,000 calls from U.S. military posts in Iraq.

Each of the mobile sites is self-sufficient, with its own satellite dish, earth station equipment, power generator, air conditioning, and shelter.

NDR team in Kuwait.
NDR team members in Kuwait: John Kern, Larry McCarter,
Ron Anderson, and Gary Helsing.

Satellite unit training.
Training the contractors who will maintain the satellite
units in Iraq.