Deployment History

Overview of NDR's WTC recovery site across the Hudson River from Manhattan.

Prior to the World Trade Center disaster, the NDR Team had never been fully deployed (AT&T has never lost an entire central office). On September 11, 2001, AT&T activated the NDR Team for its first full-scale disaster response. The team and the recovery equipment arrived in northern New Jersey early on September 12. The recovery equipment was positioned and turned up to receive service fifty-three hours later.

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NDR has provided its equipment and members of the team in response to smaller scale problems affecting the AT&T Network. Those partial and precautionary deployments included responses to fires, flooding, an earthquake, a gas line explosion, and a train derailment. The NDR Team has also provided emergency communications support for a variety of humanitarian relief efforts.

Recent Deployments

Date Event Location Equipment
6-9/2013 Wildfires Colorado & California Satellite COLTs (cells on light trucks)
5/2013 Tornado Moore, OK Emergency Communications Vehicle and
Satellite COLT (cell on light truck)
7-9/2012 Wildfires Colorado & California Satellite COLTs (cells on light trucks)
8-9/2011 Hurricane Irene New England Satellite COLTs (cells on light trucks)
5/2011 Tornado Joplin, MO Satellite COLT (cell on light truck)
4-5/2011 Tornadoes Alabama & Tennessee Emergency Communications Vehicles (humanitarian relief)
and Satellite COLT (cell on light truck)
6/2010 Flash Flood Caddo Gap, AR Satellite COLTs (cells on light trucks)
5/2010 Cumberland River Flooding Nashville, TN Emergency communications and office recovery.
3-4/2010 Earthquake Santiago, Chile AGN Recovery Node (Fly-away)
9/2008 Hurricane Ike Texas Emergency communications, office recovery, incident management
and logistical support.
7-9/2008 Hurricanes Dolly & Gustav U.S. Gulf Coast Emergency communications and logistical support.
12/2007 Ice Storms Oklahoma Incident management and logistical support
10/2007 Wildfires Southern California Satellite COLT (cell on light truck)
7/2006 Flooding Mohawk River, NY Technology Trailer
9/2005 Hurricane Rita Texas and Louisiana Technology Trailers (held in reserve)
8-9/2005 Hurricane Katrina Louisiana and Mississippi Emergency Communications Vehicles
(humanitarian relief)