Enterprise Architecture

Improving the business of government starts with an integrated technology plan. Agencies who need to map out long-term IT initiatives in light of agency performance metrics can rely on our expertise and guidance. 

We can deliver a team of enterprise architects and experienced professionals to collaborate on a strategy that emphasizes shared solutions, consolidated systems, and improved security within your agency and throughout the government. 

Let our team assist you in prioritizing investments, so that you can make the most of web-enabled applications and emerging technologies. We take the time to understand your infrastructure and identify critical gaps as well as redundant processes that need attention.

In partnership with the Enterprise Architect Institute and its principal, Dr. Steven Spewak, we have successfully incorporated Enterprise Architecture Planning (EAP) methods into government operations for years. Agencies now have better accountability for their IT investments. 

Rely on our skilled professionals to deploy best practices in:

  • Architectural Principles Development
  • Quality Assurance and Compliance with OMB, GAO and FEAF
  • Organizational EA Readiness Assessments
  • EAP Methodology Training and Workshops
  • Executive EAP Briefings
  • Strategic Planning
  • As-Is Business Assessment
  • Transition Planning
  • AP Project Management and Facilitation
  • Computing and Communications Capabilities Planning
  • Integration with Capital IT Planning and Business Process Transformation

How You Benefit:

  • Maximize efficiencies and improve services provided to citizens and business partners
  • Effectively measure departmental productivity against IT spending
  • Eliminate stovepipe systems and enable information sharing among departmental groups and other agencies
  • Align your IT investment with your agency mission 
  • Collaborate with other agencies through the development of shared solutions 
  • Reduce operational costs with an integrated plan that addresses critical areas and eliminates duplicate processes
  • Increase the security levels within your IT infrastructure