Voice Over IP

The convergence of voice, video, and data onto a unified IP network gives agencies new options to control communications costs while planning for future technology. Our Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) portfolio can consolidate your traffic and eliminate the need for managing two separate networks.

Expect quality transmissions along with significant cost savings and new voice/data applications without the fear of being locked into a given architecture. A global Multi-protocol Label Switching (MPLS) enabled backbone over an intelligent optical IP-based core network provides the interoperability for handling all your applications, old and new.

Designed for flexibility in a LAN, WAN or contact center environment, VoIP is offered as a set of building block elements that you can manage yourself or let us handle from end-to-end.

AT&T continues to invest billions to ensure superiority in its network infrastructure, support systems, and customer experience. Agencies can trust a stable provider like AT&T Government Solutions to deliver on the technologies that scale with your ever-changing workplace.


  • MPLS-based network uses class of service traffic management
  • Secure, reliable offering with proactive management and monitoring
  • Intelligent nodes support multiple protocols, access technologies, and application services
  • Open session initiation protocol (SIP) incorporated into global infrastructure
  • Redundancy options that ensure non-stop performance
  • Professional Services team with networking integration expertise plans your migration and convergence path ? on your terms, at your pace
  • Core AT&T technology and architecture enable you to take advantage of new applications without stranding your investment in existing systems

How you benefit:

  • Run voice, video, and data over a single, easy-to-manage infrastructure
  • Consolidate call center traffic with corporate traffic on the same multi-purpose network
  • Access all e-mail, voice mail, and fax messages from a single mailbox
  • Easily accommodate new IP-based applications and innovative network-based services
  • Increase departmental productivity and improve performance
  • Improve interactions between your agency and its publics

We offer various service options to use Voice over IP in addressing your agency?s overall voice communications requirements, which include:

AT&T Managed Internet Service with Voice over IP

Now there?s a way to take advantage of new technologies while protecting your investment in existing systems. The AT&T Managed Internet Service (MIS) with Voice over IP integrates Internet data with fax and voice traffic on a single, converged MIS access facility.

The service leverages the idle bandwidth on your AT&T MIS connection for outbound IP voice calling to anywhere in the world. You save as much as 30% on domestic and international calls without sacrificing call quality.

Your voice communications traverses our own IP backbone, giving you the same high performance, reliability, and security you?d expect on your IP data traffic.

Flat rate pricing and consolidated network services help you manage costs and simplify IT operations. Ideal for on-net and off-net traffic, AT&T MIS with VoIP offers great value with innovation.

How you benefit:

  • Share bandwidth dynamically between voice and data applications, as needs fluctuate
  • Reduce packet delay and loss through 99.9% network availability
  • Maintain high performance levels with Service Level Agreements
  • Ease budget process with flat rate pricing
  • Reduce cost of outbound calling anywhere in the world
  • Preserve business-class voice quality through IP QoS protocols on access bandwidth

AT&T Managed IP Telephony Services

Transform your traditional circuit switched platform into a leading edge IP-PBX. Even if your voice and data networks are located on separate premises, we can interlink them onto a unified platform.

Through the AT&T Managed IP Telephony Services, we can remotely manage equipment, such as call manager servers, voice gateways, voice mail, IP phones, IVR/ACD servers and applications, E911 capabilities, conferencing resources, and other IP Telephony related applications.

How you benefit:

  • Increase efficiencies and eliminate need to maintain two separate networks
  • Preserve legacy systems while leveraging the AT&T world class management team and iGEMS management platform
  • Ease migration using our highly trained team
  • Improve control and network management with a single point of contact
  • Deploy our team to design and implement a migration path, so your resources won?t be burdened
  • Scale functionality with a platform designed for emerging technologies

AT&T Managed Router Solution with Voice over IP

Converge voice, data and fax traffic on your managed router and simplify your network management. The cost of your voice calls drops dramatically when your voice traffic is moved from the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) onto your data network. You?ll enjoy greater flexibility plus the advantages of new IP applications.

AT&T networking experts work with you to design, build, implement, and manage your enterprise wide area data network. The voice over IP feature lets you use your telephones connected to your site PBX and dial transparently to another site through our Frame Relay network.

How you benefit:

  • Get flexibility through On-Net voice service end-to-end under a single umbrella, plus on-net to off-net and off-net to off-net capabilities
  • Simplify operations with our fully managed, multi-vendor, multi-carrier, and multi-language environment
  • Maintain continuous performance with 24 x 7 network monitoring, MRS reporting and SLAs
  • Use extra voice bandwidth for data transmissions during off-peak and overnight hours. One access line can handle more calls.
  • Streamline operations with fewer access trunks to the PSTN and combined services on fewer facilities
  • Expand into new IP applications such as unified messaging
  • Consolidate functionality onto one common backbone service, which facilitates network management

AT&T Network-based IP VPN with VoIP

Agencies who utilize our network-based IP Virtual Private Network (VPN) will soon have all the advantages of Voice over IP, a new option slated for release in the latter half of 2004. Our Multi-protocol Label Switching (MPLS) based network uses class of service traffic management for applications including voice.

This new service demonstrates our commitment to offering you connectivity options from a variety of endpoints and transport methods. By harnessing the power of VoIP technology, we are prepared to meet your real world challenges.

With Network-based IP VPN with VoIP, you will be able to:

  • Optimize your network with dynamic real-time bandwidth allocation and prioritization between voice and data
  • Increase cost efficiencies
  • Take advantage of on-net calling nationwide and to more than 40 countries, with hop-off to many more
  • Receive unified billing for voice and data services
  • Maintain quality service levels through ongoing performance reports, via the AT&T BusinessDirect? portal

AT&T Voice over IP and IP Telephony Professional Services

While VoIP has spawned new applications and timesaving conveniences, integrating the technology into a legacy environment has created challenges for your in-house resources. Leave it to our professional services team to lead you through the complexity ? with careful planning, design, and transformation from your voice network to an IP platform.

Using a phased approach, we establish the technical feasibility and validate cost savings along the way. Our highly trained team is experienced in consolidating applications with diverse performance thresholds. We take the time to understand your business requirements, recognize your pressure points and implement a solution tailor made for your agency.

Among the range of consultative services, we offer:

  • IP Telephony Technology and Economic Assessment
  • IP Telephony Network Design and Implementation
  • Quality of Service Analysis
  • Custom Program Management Services

How you benefit:

  • Rely on a single, reputable source throughout the entire network lifecycle, from analysis through implementation
  • Reduce risks of implementing new technology by consulting with a season staff of professionals
  • Trim operating expenses using our detailed cost-justified plan
  • Enjoy service flexibility. Self-manage or use our industry-leading management tools and resources
  • Improve network performance using business continuity services
  • Scale with an open environment that supports multiple equipment manufacturers