Toll Free Services

AT&T invented Toll-Free Service over 30 years ago, and is the leader in providing the service with many feature enhancements. The challenge in today's call centers is to be a complete "Contact Center," offering multiple options for your customers to reach you, how and when they want.

With AT&T Toll-Free services, coupled with AT&T Toll-Free Advanced Features, we help extend your agency's reach and enhance customer service for your existing user base. These services work with both switched and dedicated access facilities.

AT&T MegaCom Service

For agencies with high inbound call volumes, AT&T offers MegaCom, a toll-free dedicated access service. Each dedicated line will support up to 24 toll-free, outbound or data calls simultaneously. AT&T Toll-Free Advanced Features can be added to provide announcements, routing, transfer and control features designed to your specifications. Our professional sales and service teams will work with you to customize your toll-free service to best meet the needs of your agency and the users calling you. With our robust array of capabilities, we can deliver the full spectrum of solutions from inbound transport all the way to leading edge contact center technology.

AT&T Readyline Service

A toll-free number makes your agency easily accessible to citizens, suppliers, personnel and other agencies outside of your local area, which enhances your presence. A toll-free number tells citizens that your agency is there to give them information and service whenever they need it. With AT&T Readyline Service, interstate and out of state callers can reach your agency using a toll-free number linked to your existing local telephone number. AT&T Readyline service, coupled with AT&T Toll-Free Advanced Features can provide announcements, routing, transfer and control to ensure the most professional level of call handling.

Key Benefits

  • Improve accessibility to reach more citizens: a toll-free number makes your agency easily accessible to citizens outside of your local area
  • Reduce Operations Costs: re-route calls to open facilities for immediate servicing
  • Expand Call Center Capabilities: Better features improve the operational management of your call centers.
  • Caller Segmentation: routing features enable you to segment your inbound voice traffic by caller location or based on the time of day.
  • Service Flexibility: Announcement features allow callers to select how their call will be handled, or can give callers an after hours message.
  • Automation: Interactive Voice Services economically and efficiently handle transactions 24 hours per day, and automate repetitive processes.
  • Traffic Management: Use of AT&T's network management tools allows you to track your calls and seamlessly reroute call traffic so that every call is answered.
  • Always Open: Rerouting features help you stay always open for business, even in the event of emergencies or unforeseen network conditions.

Interface Equipment

DSO, T-1 and T-3 access are available.


AT&T Routing Features

  • AT&T Toll-Free Announcement Features
  • AT&T Redirection Features
  • AT&T Rerouting Features
  • AT&T Interactive Voice Features
  • AT&T Routing on Demand
  • AT&T Network Management Tool

Routing Features allow you to route and direct incoming Toll-Free calls to different locations or different groups of agents within the same location. Routing Features include:

  • Area Code Routing - routes calls to different locations based on the caller?s area code. Call centers can easily be set up to handle particular geographic areas.
  • Exchange Routing - allows routing of calls to different locations based on the first six digits of a caller?s telephone number.
  • Caller Recognition Routing - uses a caller?s entire ten-digit telephone number for routing of calls, and allows targeting of callers for special handling.
  • Call Allocator - routes calls to different call centers on a percentage basis. This feature allows the workload to be adjusted based on the number of agents.
  • Time Manager - routes calls to different call centers based on the time of day.
  • Day Manager - routes calls to different call centers based on the day of the week.

Toll-Free Announcement Features allow you to play professionally recorded messages so customers know their calls are being transferred, or so they can quickly select from a variety of options. These features include:

  • Call Prompter Service - allows routing of calls to different locations based on the caller?s response to a voice menu or announcement. Callers press the appropriate digit(s) on a touch-tone phone.
  • Enroute Announcements - all callers hear a message prior to call connection, such as "please have your credit card ready."
  • Automatic Speech Recognition - allows callers to speak their response to a voice menu, using digits from 0 through 9. Responses of "yes" or "no" can also be recognized.
  • Courtesy Response - answers a call with a prerecorded voice message, such as, "I?m sorry, but our office is now closed."

Redirection Features make full use of the intelligence inherent in AT&T?s Global Transaction Network, the engine for AT&T?s Toll-Free features. Included in this group of features are:

  • Transfer Connect - allows you to activate a network-based Toll-Free call transfer to an AT&T Toll-Free number after an AT&T Toll-Free call has been answered. Transfer Connect even allows for ?warm? transfers, where the second agent is conferenced in to facilitate customer service.
  • Next Available Agent Routing - lets you set a limit on the number of calls in progress at any location. Additional calls may be rerouted to another location or placed in Network Queuing.
  • Network Queuing - works with Next Available Agent Routing to hold calls in the AT&T network until an agent is available to take the call. Callers hear a welcoming announcement, followed by music on hold, and a reassurance announcement every thirty seconds.
  • Alternate Destination Routing - automatically reroutes calls to a pre-designated secondary location in the event of a busy or ?no answer? condition at the primary calling location.
  • Intelligent Call Processing - enables call routing instructions to be obtained by accessing a customer-provided database. Calls can thus be routed based on such parameters as agent skills, agent availability and caller-entered digits.

Rerouting Features

  • Basic All Trunk Busy Rerouting - automatically reroutes a Toll-Free call to a subscribing organization-defined Public Switched Network (PSN) termination when an All Trunks Busy (ATB) condition occurs at the primary termination. Both the primary and PSN terminations must be at the same physical location (NPA/NXX). The primary termination must use dedicated access, and both terminations must subscribe to the same service areas.
  • Service Assurance Rerouting - reroutes callers in the event of network problems or other service interruptions. The rerouting takes place within 5 minutes. Organizations wishing to take advantage of Service Assurance Rerouting may preplan rerouting to a working telephone line, to another termination of their Toll-Free service, or to a generic network announcement.

Interactive Voice Services (IVS) provide high-volume custom call processing and data retrieval capabilities. The technology is utilized to help automate repetitive, simple information requests and provide around-the-clock service. IVS applications are supported by a wide range of features that include:

  • Informational Announcements - callers can hear prerecorded promotional or informational messages. Messages can be quickly changed by using a feature called Frequent Speech Updates.
  • Interactive Information - callers may interact directly with the application through touch-tone or spoken inputs to obtain or leave information, or to transfer to agents.
  • Database Applications - information is provided back to the caller from an AT&T-housed customer database, based on the caller?s touch-tone input.
  • Host Access - connects callers directly to your host computer, enabling them to perform order entry and account inquiry functions.

AT&T BusinessDirect® Network Management Tools - AT&T has set the industry standard for management and control of advanced Toll-Free networks.

  • Toll-Free Routing Control (Route It!®) - the graphical user interface to the Global Transaction Network that provides AT&T customers with extensive control over all their inbound routing through AT&T Advanced Features. Route It!® makes a personal computer a powerful tool for managing complex contact center operations.
  • Network Performance Monitor - provides real-time data about a customer's AT&T dedicated trunk network, in terms of its Configuration, Performance and Fault parameters. In addition, this tool/application allows customers to proactively perform tests on their voice network trunks.
  • Toll-Free Call Attempts - provides customers the most proactive view of their Toll-Free traffic by giving them three minute real-time information about all call attempts being made on their Toll-Free network.
  • AT&T BusinessDirect® Call Detail - provides near real-time information on calls being made, including the full 10-digit telephone number, calls blocked, Call Prompter selections, and much more.