International Voice Services

As a global leader, we offer a full range of International Voice Services, with many feature enhancements, sophisticated billing analysis capabilities, and access to more countries than any other carrier. Based on AT&T Government Markets Platform, our International Voice Services encompass Outbound and Inbound Direct Dial, Calling Card, Toll-Free, and INMARSAT Maritime services.


  • Outbound - Direct dialing or operator assistance to place calls to international locations (countries or territories) 
  • Inbound - allows you to call the US from international locations using a calling card 
  • Calling Card - use your calling card to call from the US to international locations, international locations to the US, and between international locations
  • Toll-Free Services - place inbound Toll-Free calls internationally 
  • INMARSAT Maritime Services - place calls to ships at sea via AT&T Maritime Mobile


  • Class of Service Restrictions - based on time of day, day of week, calling card number and other parameters. 
  • Authorization Codes - can be used for calling card calling or to screen for network access. 
  • Selective Call Detail Suppression - an effective way to enhance your security measures. 
  • Toll-Free Access for Network Remote Access - stay connected to home base from virtually anywhere in the world.


  • Access to more countries with more features than any other carrier 
  • Voice services available to more than 230 countries through partnerships established with international Telephone Administrations (TAs)
  • International Toll-Free services can originate from more than 160 countries
  • Toll-Free service from AT&T gives you more to help manage all your call center operations.