Long Distance

Outbound Switched LD

For long distance voice services, AT&T offers domestic in-state and state-to-state outbound calling, to support an agency's voice communications needs. AT&T's reputation for network reliability and customer service is unsurpassed in the industry. An enterprise can entrust its vital channels of communications to AT&T, knowing that AT&T has all the telecommunications services the company may require to support it as it grows.

Outbound Dedicated LD

When voice communications is your agency's lifeline and high volume outbound calling is mission-critical, dedicated access facilities will ensure the up time you need to conduct business. A dedicated line will support twenty-four simultaneous calls, whether outbound only or a mix of outbound, inbound and data if required. AT&T's professional sales and service people will design a networking solution to meet the telecommunications needs of your enterprise now, and for the future.