Disaster Recovery Services

Mobile Availability

AT&T Crisis Phone Program
  • Purchase devices in suspended mode and activate as needed
  • Once device is activated, calls are billed at a contracted monthly and usage rate
  • Keep devices in your possession for emergency use only and avoid the burden of ordering, delivery and distribution if disaster strikes

BlackBerry PIN-to-PIN Messaging

  • Stay connected with other users in the event of an e-mail or voice network outage
  • BlackBerry PIN messages are not routed through e-mail server

Business Messaging

  • Get 24/7 technical support
  • Gain access to AT&T Business Notification Center website to send notifications to large groups
  • Support paging protocols for Internet, email, and dial-up (SNPP, WCTP, SMTP, TAP)
  • Filter out unwanted SMTP messages on request
  • Receive rapid response prompts via SNPP and WCTP
  • Attain SSL access via WCTP (128-bit encryption)


Critical Messaging Infrastructure

  • Support system failover requirements with redundant server architectures
  • Get access to dedicated time slots for data communications through AT&T Enhanced Data Rates for GSM Evolution (EDGE) network architecture
  • Obtain dedicated channels through the AT&T High-speed Downlink Packet Access (HSDPA) network. If voice network is busy, data network should be available

AT&T StorageConnect Services

AT&T Remote Vault Service

  • Back up data from servers, PCs or laptops to a secure off-site storage facility using a broadband Internet connection
  • Automate backups hourly, daily, weekly or on-demand
  • Restore services easily without IT assistance. Backups run in the background so that system performance isn’t degraded
  • Recover data easily and rapidly during disruption or outage

AT&T Hosting Services

  • Protect critical IT applications with AT&T Hosting Solutions
  • Host essential services from one of our advanced data centers worldwide
  • Choose from flexible connectivity options
  • Let our team design, implement, monitor and manage your applications and Web hosting

AT&T LaptopConnect

  • Enable staff productivity and connectivity virtually anywhere with our cellular data cards in agency laptop computers
  • Deploy the AT&T LaptopConnect cards among dispersed staff unable to share network connections
  • Obtain broadband speed in several metropolitan areas through the AT&T BroadbandConnect HSDPA network

Business Connect* (Wireless WAN)

  • Get diverse backup for your data applications and quick deployment for temporary, new or remote locations, disaster recovery response and mobile workers
  • Maintain diversity for landline outages
  • Leverage your existing security infrastructure and choose from a number of connectivity options
  • Reduce costs using Wireless WAN as primary connectivity for low-bandwidth applications

Enterprise Recovery Services

  • Rely on the AT&T portfolio of subscription-based disaster recovery services for your systems and work sites. From recovery of distributed and legacy systems to provisioning of alternate workspaces, you can take advantage of our expertise in networking, computing, data mirroring and IT infrastructures.
  • Traditional Recovery – available throughout U.S. facilities
  • Managed Services – offered when physical data center space is not possible. It includes security, replication and storage
  • Professional Services – risk assessment and test services

*Wireless coverage not available in all areas

Security and Resilience

Commercial Connectivity Services

Device and Firewall Protection

  • Deploy end point security solutions to maintain the integrity of your IT infrastructure
  • Administer security policies and compliance across all devices
  • Access the Internet or other critical systems even if your data center is down

Risk Management Assessment

Business Continuity Professional Services

  • Managed Risk Services – let AT&T experts objectively appraise your business environment through Business Impact Analysis (BIA) and risk assessment
  • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Consulting – strategies for critical business processes focus on planning, testing, training and certification
  • Business Continuity Program Management – program management consultation, expertise and methodology