Disaster Recovery Services

Ultravailable® Computing

AT&T provides a high-availability enterprise-computing infrastructure to support an agency's mission critical applications and information. Our Ultravailable Computing service provides you with a high-availability computing platform that offers a managed, monitored, and customizable solution. Through Ultravailable Computing we bundle your enterprise computer servers with fail-over computer server capabilities, deliver proactive monitoring and management, and offer professional services for design and implementation.

Center-Based Recovery

Our Center-Based Recovery Services provide conditioned office space facilities that are located close to an agency's core operations, and enable personnel to relocate to the AT&T-provided facilities and quickly resume operations in the event of a disaster or disruption at the agency's location. To support recovery from the disaster or disruption, elements of the service may include:

  • fully-operational computers with networking capability ("hot sites") 
  • environmentally-prepared computer space, properly equipped to support installation of computer systems ("cold sites")
  • PBX
  • network services 

In addition to space, equipment, and voice and data communications lines, our Center-Based Recovery Services include complete call center voice recovery, with call recording and customer support functions.

Mobile Recovery

Based on the agency-specified location, we deliver a properly equipped vehicle for mobile office space for the exclusive use of your agency during a disaster or disruption. The mobile office space includes equipment, communications and open systems.