Intrusion Prevention

As an additional security method to protect your networking infrastructure, we offer AT&T Internet Protect -- a breakthrough in intrusion prevention. With its security alerting and notification capabilities, AT&T Internet Protect provides advanced information regarding potential real-time attacks (viruses, worms, and DDoS attacks) that are in the early formulation stages. By utilizing AT&T's IP backbone as a proxy of general Internet traffic, and analyzing IP backbone traffic in conjunction with using heuristics and statistical models, Internet Protect can predict and profile potential malicious activity. With the information provided by the service, you can filter and remediate potential attacks. In addition, AT&T Internet Protect contains essential security information such as top vulnerabilities, recent patch releases, and other security "need-to-know" facts. As part of the service, AT&T will provide customers notification regarding identified critical malicious activity and provide recommended immediate action to be taken by customers.

How you Benefit:

Internet Protect allows you to be proactive versus reactive when protecting their network against malicious intruders and unauthorized activities. You are given invaluable time to act, before any damage is done. More specifically, the service provides a robust, all inclusive information security portal for a security professional's use on a daily basis. All you need to know... all in one place.

  • Early Warning - saving time by allowing the attack to be addressed usually before a hacker releases the attack, not after the attack like so many security services
  • Advanced Intelligence Gathering - by gathering Internet traffic from one of the largest IP backbones in the world (AT&T's)
  • Immediate Confirmation and Internal Analysis - including security intelligence from other resources.
  • Expert Input and Advice - on what to do, and how to do it, quickly
  • Defense in Depth - adds an additional defensive layer of Network Security