Managed Firewall Service - Cisco PIX® Option enables a single point of protection at your site's perimeter and makes security policy enforcement an inherent part of the network. It is an enterprise solution that spans your network communication needs at different size sites, with different budgets, and different requirements. It helps you maximize your investment by purchasing only what you need.

  • Available for AT&T Managed Internet Service (MIS) and MIS Plus customers
  • Available for customers with other ISP providers
  • Available with Managed Intrusion Detection Service, with AT&T VPN Tunneling Service, and Managed Access Redundancy Option

Managed Firewall Service - Router Based provides a cost effective layer of security to your AT&T Managed Internet Service, enabling Internet transactions by helping to secure your network access point.

If you:

  • Have multiple sites that require Internet access at T-1 or less
  • Have up to 200 concurrent users
  • Prefer a premises based firewall
  • Want to minimize backhaul of Internet traffic on your company WAN

this is the solution for your agency.

Managed Firewall Service - Premises Based adds a highly functional layer of security to your AT&T Managed Internet Service using Check Point FireWall-1.

This feature rich service includes:

  • URL Screening
  • High Availability / Load Balancing
  • Dual, Triple (DMZ) and Quadruple (Extranet) Homed Configurations
  • Firewall to Firewall VPN
  • Remote User VPN support
  • Can be used with AT&T Managed VPN Services
  • Hardware acceleration for encryption
  • Firewall Availability Reporting

AT&T Application Firewall Service helps prevent inappropriate transactions from penetrating your hosted applications by continuously examining transactions against dynamic security policies. It supports any IP connectivity option, scaling with dynamic traffic to be protected and is available to AT&T Managed Services customers with applications in any one of the 13 AT&T US Internet Data Centers. Like other managed security services, AT&T Application Firewall Service is a fully managed capability that includes hardware/software provisioning, testing, installation, and 24x7 management.

The application firewall dynamically assembles a security policy to apply to each end user's transaction, based upon your web application's logic, designed to allow appropriate transactions and block inappropriate behavior. Forensic reporting is made available to you through the Managed Services Portal, enabling you to fine tune the application security policies, continually hardening your web application.

Perimeter Firewalls for Hosted Solutions
In addition to, and inter-operable with, the Application Firewall Service, AT&T provides several perimeter firewall choices and configurations for hosted network access point and servers. Configurations including single, redundant, load balanced and redundant load balanced firewall services for maximum performance and business continuity. This gives you the flexibility you need to select the level of protection required for your application.