Ultravailable Managed OptEring Service

AT&T is the first carrier to market with a managed optical Ethernet service that supports any-to-any LAN/MAN interconnections...AT&T Ultravailable Managed OptEring ServiceSM .

With AT&T Ultravailable Managed OptEring ServiceSM government agencies with multiple locations in a metropolitan area or campus environment can interconnect these sites as a private or virtual local area network. We are the first carrier to market with a managed optical Ethernet service that supports any-to-any Local Area Network / Metropolitan Area Network (MAN/LAN) interconnections. AT&T's Ultravailable Managed OptEring ServiceSM leverages Resilient Packet Ring (RPR) technology giving customers highly available transport of data, packet video, and voice over ring topologies.

The suite of AT&T optical Ethernet services responds to the challenges facing organizations today, including increasing bandwidth demands, convergence to IP (Internet Protocol), reducing network complexity and protecting existing network investments. Additionally, the service creates an any-to-any Virtual Private Network that support secure communications with other sites, including suppliers. The service supports a mix of TDM traffic and packet traffic on the same SONET infrastructure.

Key Features & Benefits

By establishing any-to-any LAN/MAN interconnections, AT&T provides access to critical applications such as storage, data mirroring, and hosting in a virtual network environment to support the continuity of a customer's business. Also, businesses can use the optical Ethernet capability for Internet access by connecting a business location to the nearest AT&T Internet Point of Presence (POP).

AT&T Ultravailable Managed OptEring ServiceSM offers:

  • Improved network performance
  • Reduced network complexity
  • Superior use of bandwidth
  • Ubiquity
  • Reduced infrastructure and operating costs
  • End-to-end seamless integration