Switched Ethernet

AT&T Switched Ethernet service satisfies these growing demands with an affordable, reliable, any-to-any high bandwidth metro network. Our Ethernet virtual private network can fulfill your needs for emerging broadband applications, while helping reduce the complexity, time, and cost demands of multiple access services.

Key Features & Benefits

AT&T Switched Ethernet service offers:

  • Flexibility with speeds from 50Mbps to 1Gbps, any-to-any communications between locations, and transport options that meet your needs
  • Reliability with vendor quality you trust, business continuity options, Service Level Agreements and 24x7 proactive monitoring of your business network
  • Simplicity with single vendor end-to-end advantages and easy bandwidth upgrades
    Affordability with a lower total cost of ownership. You utilize existing equipment and staffing expertise, while consolidating your metro communications.

AT&T Ethernet Switched Service MAN provides high-speed bandwidth between all of your locations in a metro area. Offering versatile logical network configurations between locations from hub and spoke, partially meshed to fully meshed you choose on the basis of your needs.