Premises-Based IP VPN

AT&T's premises-based IP VPNs allow government agencies to build upon current investments by providing dedicated, broadband, and remote access solutions for connection to the AT&T global network or the Internet. AT&T can customize your premises-based IP VPN with solutions that extend your network to accommodate the needs of large headquarters and regional office sites, small branch offices, international locations, and traveling staff.

AT&T's premises-based IP VPNs are delivered by adding intelligent devices to the customer premises, and can be provisioned over the private AT&T backbone or the Internet. Devices such as firewalls or VPN tunnel terminators are installed at the customer/enterprise edge, and a connection is established by programming appropriate levels of network security, user access control, and bandwidth prioritization.

AT&T's premises-based IP VPNs utilize IPSec (Internet Security Protocol) or SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) to prevent data tampering and help ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and authenticity of your data communications.

By offering two types of security protocols, SSL and IPSec, AT&T provides you choices of how your VPN is secured and supported.

IPSec Options

AT&T's premises-based IP VPN solutions provide a variety of options that work together to enable customization of your IP VPN based on your needs. AT&T's premises-based IP VPNs provide two basic solutions:

  • Remote Access (Dial and Broadband access)
  • Site to Site (Broadband and Dedicated access)

AT&T's remote access IP VPN is a fully managed premises-based solution that enables mobile/remote workers to gain access to secure corporate information via IPSec tunnels. AT&T's remote access IP VPN provides you with the flexibility of allowing workers to utilize dial or broadband access, satisfying individual bandwidth needs

AT&T's site-to-site IP VPN is a fully managed premises-based solution that provides IPSec-based tunnels between remote sites, utilizing broadband or dedicated access. AT&T's site-to-site IP VPN allows you to choose between broadband access for smaller branch offices, and dedicated access to accommodate medium to large branch office needs.

Third party access options are available with both remote access and site-to-site IP VPN solutions.

AT&T offers Extranet solutions for government agencies needing to conduct proprietary business with external suppliers.

SSL Options

AT&T offers configuration choices with our SSL Option, providing:

  • Clientless access to web-based applications via your browser.
  • A Windows agent or downloadable Java applet to provide compatibility for end-users needing access to applications not accessible through a web browser (traditional client-server apps).

Key Features and Benefits

  • Access Flexibility - AT&T can provide a more secure access connection to your agency's network, and open access to the Internet in the same dial session. AT&T also provides access flexibility with dial, broadband, dedicated, and 3rd party access options.
  • High Availability - AT&T high availability options allow for fault tolerance, load sharing, fail-over protection, and diverse access points to meet the needs of customers who can not afford "down time."
  • Management - AT&T provides proactive, around-the-clock management of your premises-based IP VPN. We provide you with administration tools to manage your network and security policies, backed by expert resources and systems designed to meet your service level requirements. AT&T has expertise in sales, customer care, network engineering and management with operation centers worldwide offering in country help desk support to take the complexity out of your day-to-day networking.
  • Implementation Services - AT&T implementation services include fully managed equipment installation, configuration, and upgrades on the customer premises. AT&T also provides a VPN integration consulting team designed to assist you with incorporating your solution into your existing network environment.
  • Scalability - AT&T offers a range of solutions that address the unique requirements of remote users, regional office sites, small branch offices, and large network hubs, allowing your IP VPN solution to grow with your organizational and operational demands.
  • AT&T Global Network Client - A managed software client that includes a built-in firewall. It integrates seamlessly with the full suite of AT&T premises-based IP VPN solutions, and can be used over Internet dial services for single sign-on capability when users are traveling.
  • Complementary Services - AT&T provides a full range of services that work with our premises-based IP VPNs. These services include:
    • Security Services - Managed Firewall Services Family, Network Scanning Service, Managed Intrusion Detection Service
    • AT&T Hosting Portfolio of Services - The AT&T Hosting Portfolio offers a variety of hosting and management capabilities that provide end-to-end management capabilities

Why a premises-based IP VPN from AT&T?

  • Industry Expertise - AT&T has the skill, scale and scope to deliver services globally, with 5,000 IP/Data knowledgeable personnel internationally, and 5 global operation centers with 700 in-country help desk support specialists. AT&T designs solutions that open up a world of extraordinary networking and management possibilities.
  • Global Reach - AT&T offers globally consistent IP VPN services on one of the world's largest global networks - the AT&T Global Network. AT&T has 2,500 points of presence in 850+ cities in over 60 countries. AT&T has the ability to reach 150 countries through strategic relationships with local providers and affiliates.
  • Networking Interoperability - AT&T offers an extensive suite of products and services that are designed to be inter-operable. This interoperability simplifies the complexity of designing and deploying your IP VPN solution.
  • Comprehensive IP VPN Portfolio - AT&T offers a customizable suite of global network services that range from individual components to complex custom offers with a continuum of inter-operable transport, access and security options - all with varying levels of management control.