Network Based VPN

AT&T's network-based IP VPN solutions are designed to provide secure, reliable transport of critical applications across a unified global platform - the AT&T Global Network. This high-speed backbone infrastructure is based on industry leading switching products and Multi-protocol Label Switching (MPLS), offering the same feature functionality on a global basis.

AT&T's network-based IP VPNs maximize your current network investments while evolving your network over time from a private network environment, to shared-provider facilities, to an integrated IP VPN solution.

Connectivity to your branches, remote and local employees, citizens, and suppliers around the globe is easy with AT&T's network-based IP VPNs. AT&T offers you the flexibility of any-to-any communications capitalizing on the reliability, quality and security of an MPLS-based IP-enabled network that is transport and access type independent.

MPLS is an advanced IP routing technology that establishes and prioritizes route assignments, automatically taking the shortest path within the network. MPLS provides Quality of Service (QoS) / Class of Service (CoS) traffic engineering capabilities for mission critical applications.

As the world's networking companysm, AT&T's has extensive expertise in designing, deploying and managing networks. We work with you to implement and manage your IP VPN solution, helping you to realize return on your communication dollars, maximize your resources and allow you to focus on what you do best - your core mission.

Key Features and Benefits

AT&T's network-based IP VPN solutions allow you to grow and expand your agency's operations by providing:

  • Global Coverage - Reliable and extensive worldwide networks based on industry leading switching products and MPLS. Globally consistent network offering the same feature functionality providing ease of implementation worldwide
  • Any-to-Any Connectivity - Efficient way of creating a fully meshed network providing unified connections for constant communication among sites
  • Scalable, Flexible, Robust Network Architecture - MPLS-based network architecture easily adapts to growth in complexity, volume and international scope
  • Classes of Service - Accommodates and optimizes all types of applications enabling a single network to accurately and consistently allow for traffic prioritization and cost-efficiencies
  • Web Reporting - Web-based reporting provides detailed information for bandwidth allocation, quality assessment, capacity planning and trend analysis
  • Flexible Access Options - Security of a private network environment that is transport and access type independent.
  • Supports Multimedia - Maximizes bandwidth and cost-savings with Voice over IP capabilities on the managed services
  • Simplified Pricing and Packaging - Provides consistent monthly recurring charges for ease of budgeting, accounting, and reconciliation, enabling cost-efficiencies
  • Service Level Agreements - Industry leading SLAs ensuring effective network performance, provisioning and mean time to repair
  • Management Packages - Network facilities, network management and monitoring on a 24-hours-per-day, 7-days-per-week basis ensuring network reliability and availability, reducing cost of ownership in network technology, thus improving return on investment
  • Help Desk Support - In-country, in-language help desk support

Why a network-based IP VPN from AT&T?

The state-of-the-art AT&T Integrate Global Enterprise Management System (iGEMS) is a sophisticated, end-to-end global network management platform that enables AT&T to monitor and manage the performance of your network in a proactive, predictive and preventive manner to ensure that your network is performing at optimal levels.

AT&T has the industry expertise to integrate and manage complex environments, and employs a staff of highly skilled professionals who proactively monitor your network 24-hours-per-day, 7-days-per-week, resolving problems as they come up - if not before.

By selecting AT&T, you strengthen your control over your operational efficiencies, financial balance sheet and ability to respond to dynamic and changing market conditions.

AT&T's network-based IP VPN solutions offer a continuum of services that allow you to decide and dynamically control the levels of management support you require for your network. Management package options include simple management of the AT&T network, network reporting, monitoring and management, and fully managed.