IP-Enabled Frame Relay

For secure support of your IP applications the AT&T IP-Enabled Frame Relay supports any-to-any connectivity and Quality of Service (QoS) for your IP applications.

Evolving Your Enterprise VPNs - The Frame Relay Way

Enterprise networking is evolving. Some key trends: IP is the dominant Intranet protocol . . . Intranets are carrying HQs and regional traffic and creating the need for more meshed traffic patterns . . . extranets are an integral part of communications with your citizens and suppliers . . . and your networks are delivering a complex and performance-sensitive mix of traffic supply chain management, e-mail, virtual meetings and more.

AT&T IP-Enabled Frame Relay Service gives you an efficient, scalable, high-performance way to incorporate mission-critical applications into your existing AT&T Frame Relay network. And all it takes is the addition of a single Enterprise Permanent Virtual Circuit (EPVC) to your existing frame relay network. This service can be deployed quickly, at very low costs, and requires no additional capital outlay on your part.

AT&T IP-Enabled Frame Relay addresses two of your critical Enterprise VPN networking requirements: any-to-any connectivity and Quality of Service (QoS). It provides you with the high performance of your current frame relay network and the ubiquity of IP, making it easy for you to integrate the two - providing you with the best of both worlds.

Any-To-Any Connectivity, Quality of Service and Disaster Recovery

Enterprise VPN functionality is expanded via two capabilities: simplified any-to-any connectivity and Quality of Service (QoS), providing:

  • Connectivity amongst all the locations in your enterprise via one Enterprise PVC at each of your locations.
  • The ability to segment and prioritize your data traffic - QoS.
  • The same security and privacy features you rely on with traditional frame relay service, with the ubiquity of IP.
  • Automatic Rerouting when there is a failure.

AT&T's IP-Enabled Frame Relay Service with AT&T Frame Relay Plus enhancements provide the ability to view, report, and measure your network performance, and adds additional value to your IP-Enabled Frame Relay Service. The new performance measurement and management capabilities include the ability to verify throughput, latency and availability across your VPN. They also allow you to verify that your network successfully meets your class of service priorities for bandwidth allocation. In addition, AT&T has extended SLAs for its IP-Enabled Frame Relay Service all the way to your premises. And with a site-to-site view of network performance, you can see and measure the performance of your entire VPN including local-access circuits.

With AT&T IP-Enabled Frame Relay you benefit from reduced complexity when you seek a higher degree of connectivity inside your network cloud, breaking down the performance barriers of your traditional hub-and-spoke configurations.