ACCU-Ring® Network Access Service

Managing communications connections from state-to-state, or among metro areas within a state, is becoming extremely complex. You're handling LANs, Internet and intranet traffic, and much more - taking too much time and costing too much money. The solution is our high-speed total access service for multiple data services...AT&T ACCU-Ring® Network Access Service.

AT&T ACCU-Ring is a private SONET ring that provides dedicated high-speed access for consolidating all of your traffic including private line, switched and enhanced services, and all distance carrier traffic (voice, data and video).

Key Features & Benefits

AT&T ACCU-Ring® Network Access Service takes the burden off you. Using AT&T SONET technology, AT&T ACCU-Ring provides dedicated, high-capacity access for digital transmissions, fully managed by AT&T. You can count on:

  • Bandwidths that can service your network needs from OC-3 - OC-192
  • Two-way digital transmission of multiple synchronous, asynchronous or Time Division Multiplex (TDM) signals at rates from 1.5 Mbps to 2.5 Gbps (OC48)
  • Aggregation of all access traffic on a single service that is installed, managed and monitored by AT&T
  • High reliability and millisecond restoration through the self-healing SONET architecture
  • Flexibility in access speeds without a need for special equipment on your premises
  • A Service Assurance Warranty (SAW) that provides credit for service interruptions