Model & Simulation

What if?

The inevitable and the unforeseeable can keep many government officials preoccupied. It's the reason why we put tremendous effort into developing advanced systems with capabilities in data mining, virtual, live and constructive simulation. Now agencies can replicate real world scenarios to measure the effects of varying outcome.

From burgeoning transportation systems to future war-fighter strategies, we build solutions adaptable to future demand. When the virtual becomes the reality, our professional services team is ready to help you:

  • Prepare armed forces for field tactics through virtual and constructive simulation
  • Interlink legacy training systems with advanced technologies
  • Improve and develop war fighter strategy in the field or at home station
  • Plan for urban growth while ensuring citizen safety through efficient planning
  • Stem the rising cost of auto collisions by studying the impact on traffic flow
  • Create and evaluate area-wide evacuation procedures