Web Portal Development

Your web presence reflects the efficiency of your agency. Employees, citizens and partners need a centralized channel to exchange information and conduct business transactions. If you're lagging behind e-government standards, it's time you turn over the task to our capable team of web specialists.

Our developers have solid experience in creating dynamic portals and integrating back-end technology. Building upon open architecture and secure environments, we deliver seamless functionality to ensure a positive experience for all your users - internal and external.

From simple tasks such as document downloads to complex applications involving secure transactions and data warehousing, you decide on the functionalities you need. We'll construct, test, launch and manage the portal to your specifications.

Let us power up your web presence with top-rated experience in:

  • Portal Design
  • Portal Architecture and Framework Development
  • Portal Integration and Load Testing
  • Hosting and Maintenance
  • Security Planning - including intrusion detection, firewalls and site monitoring

Around-the-clock access and the constant flow of information in and out of your site raise network recovery and security concerns, which is why we consult with your IT group to assess potential areas of vulnerability. Our security experts recommend and implement multiple strategies for continuous monitoring and protection.

Uninterrupted performance of your portal is provided through our hosting solutions, from any one of our global Internet Data Centers . From our hardened facilities, you get direct access to our IP backbone, which provides fast connectivity, minimal router hops and the capacity you need.

How you Benefit:

  • Automate internal and external processes and eliminate paperwork
  • Share information across agency sites
  • Manage information flow with citizens and other public groups
  • Streamline transaction-based processes such as applications, licenses, purchases, etc.
  • Improve customer service and accelerate response times
  • Maintain high levels of security on data exchanges
  • Reduce staffing requirements by eliminating manual processe
  • Minimize operating costs while increasing efficiencies