High Availability Computing

Ultravailable® Network provides a custom, fully managed fiber optic metro area network (MAN) for your exclusive use, designed to your agency's specifications. Redundant connections through two or more points of presence (PoPs) ensure optimum availability in the event a network disruption.

Ultravailable® Wavelength connects an agency's site to a shared MAN, with the option to purchase one or more lamdas from a shared fiber optic network with individual lamdas.

Benefits :

  • Ensure network continuity and recovery through the latest advances in optical networking equipment
  • Minimize impact from single point failures
  • Obtain flexible options for either private or shared network environments
  • Scale bandwidth as necessary for unpredictable traffic volume
  • Meet demand for high-speed data transfer and real-time data monitoring
  • Assure operational continuity with aggressive Service Level Agreements (SLAs)


  • Support Nortel, Cisco, LUX N DWDM SONET based devices
  • Enable multiple data protocols over an optical channel. Protocols supported include: ESCON®, Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, DS-1/DS-3, OC-3 through OC-13 and SONET over DWDM
  • Handle multiple services with virtually unlimited bandwidth
  • Support several network topologies, including linear point-to-point, linear optical add drop multiplexer (OADM) hubbed ring, dual-hubbed ring and meshed ring.
  • Provide capabilities for mirroring data and applications, by supporting real time transfer of high volumes of data between locations
  • Offer 7x24 monitoring, surveillance and performance management of all components, backed by aggressive service level agreements and life cycle management
  • Incorporate scalable, fault-tolerant local loop architecture that can support transport requirements from 150 Mbps up to 320+ Gbps