Today, the quantity and velocity of cyberattacks against the government continue to escalate.  Protection methods that were effective in the past are no longer rigorous enough to defend our national security.  Fueled by our growing reliance on technology, the types of assaults endlessly evolve creating increasingly complex threats.

For more than a century, AT&T has safeguarded our IT and network assets by relentlessly changing our approach to security and advancing new countermeasures to threats.  We employ our unparalleled visibility of global traffic and unique view of known and emerging threats to help protect our own network and those of our customers by helping them monitor, detect, alert, manage and respond to threats.  Our responsive analytics, security expertise, and strategic alliances help us reduce risk and deliver greater levels of security end to end. 

Multi-layered integrated approach to security

As part of a defense-in-depth strategy, we help agencies protect four layers: the device, connectivity, data/application, and threat analysis layers.

Endpoints: mobile/IoT & fixed

Enterprise Mobility Management

Exploring IoT Security

Lightweight Agent-Based Malware Detection

Network connectivity

Network Security: Open & Secure

Highly secure connections to your applications in the cloud

LTE Security R&D Lab

Data & applications

Helping customers defend against cyberattacks - blog

Fortify your email protection

Network-based detection of attacks, abuse, and spam

Threat analysis: detection & response

AT&T Cybersecurity Predictions: DDoS

Threat management

Advanced Persistent Threat - Attack Model, Detection, and Response

Security is inherent in our global infrastructure and in each service that we offer. As a trusted security adviser to the federal government, we utilize our scale, expertise, and visibility to help protect your agency.

Expertise & leadership

Decoding the Adversary.

AT&T ThreatTraq

Innovation & research

AT&T Foundry

ASTRA Security Platform

AT&T Security Research Center

Strategy & governance

Network Security Consulting

Fraud Protection and Prevention

AT&T Bug Bounty Program

Solutions & capabilities

Cybersecurity Solutions

Cybersecurity Capabilities


Security is at the core of everything we do - our networking, our collaboration tools, our devices, and our cloud solutions. With the threat landscape as pervasive and complex as it is, we help our customers by delivering highly secure comprehensive solutions. To learn how AT&T can help protect your IT infrastructure end to end, contact your sales representative today.