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The difference is in our network.

In federal government today, the pressure continues to reduce computing costs, modernize operations and mobilize workers for increased productivity. To help agencies deliver on their mission, we’ve combined our years of experience as a trusted government IT provider with our cloud expertise to deliver AT&T Cloud Solutions for Government.  We offer integrated, end-to-end cloud solutions that deliver high level security, performance and reliability to Federal agencies.

Designed to meet FedRAMP security controls and compliance guidelines, these solutions offer pay as you go service models to help reduce overall IT spend and service-commitment terms while increasing agility. Advantages to our solutions include access to self service provisioning, enterprise-grade customer service and almost anytime anywhere access to your data.

AT&T Cloud Solutions for Government deliver the key attributes federal buyers require while allowing agencies to move to the cloud with ease and confidence. Solutions are available on multiple contract vehicles.

AT&T Cloud Storage for Government

Highly secure and reliable, AT&T Cloud Storage for Government offers an easy answer to data retention problems that can be tailored to your specific mission need based upon selectable storage policies. It is elastic, providing storage capacity on demand.  Data is retrievable online, enabling government workers to access their stored data from almost anywhere, at any time and on any device. 

Our storage solution is a multi-tenant community cloud platform and has been granted provisional approval to offer cloud services under GSA FedRAMP – with the highest level of security defined within the program. The solution adaptively scales to any size a customer needs. And it’s cost-effective, because you pay only for what you use.

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Cloud Networking – AT&T NetBond®

Access your cloud with greater performance, security, and control. AT&T NetBond® enables agencies to connect, or “bond,” your AT&T virtual private network (VPN) to cloud providers of your choice. It offers:

  • Dependable, high-performance access to your applications
  • High level of protection against threats and attacks
  • The ability to quickly provision cloud resources online and scale them on demand

We can help you enjoy quicker, safer access to your cloud. We integrate your VPN with leading providers via software-defined networking (SDN) capabilities and innovative, industry-leading technology. That way, you get a highly secure and available, flexible, high-performance connection to your most essential cloud based applications.

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Contact your AT&T sales representative for more details on AT&T Cloud Solutions for Government.


A feature-rich portfolio provides flexible options for hosting your e-government applications. From our own Internet Data Centers (IDCs), you can take advantage of our managed security, direct network connectivity, managed storage and managed load balancing options with VPN and data networking integration. 

Host your own applications in any of our global IDCs or leave the end-to-end-management to us. Either way, you can be assured of a fully optimized environment that can scale as quickly as your needs change. 

Central to the management and hosting support we provide you is iGEMS - AT&T's integrated Global Enterprise Management System, a $250 million network and application infrastructure management platform, originally conceived and developed by AT&T Labs. Through iGEMS, AT&T delivers hosted application monitoring and management capabilities for unsurpassed application performance management.

Expect a solution tailor made for your agency, based on a feature-rich portfolio of management and monitoring options that include:

  • Monitoring and Management Services 
  • Hardware/Software Options
  • Connectivity Options 
  • Managed Security Services 
  • Managed Load Balancing Services 
  • >Managed Storage Services 
  • Intelligent Content Distribution Service  
  • Professional Resources 
  • Direct Control 

How you benefit:

  • Ensure non-stop performance with our integrated Global Enterprise Management System (iGEMS) 
  • Obtain timely reports via our powerful portal 
  • Ease the migration process with technical support from our experienced staff 
  • Obtain high levels of security, scalability, on-demand capacity, and reliability through AT&T Internet Data Centers 
  • Avoid single points of failure through redundant connections 
  • Depend on our skilled professionals for web site development, testing and implementation 


  • 32 Data Centers across three continents, five of which are in Asia/Pacific and four in Europe
  • Comprehensive monitoring and management options 
  • 24x7 predictive management platform 
  • Assurance of performance through Service Level Agreements 
  • Industry-leading portal and reporting services 
  • Direct connection to our global network backbone: Ethernet, fast Ethernet or Gigabit Ethernet, as well as direct access to AT&T MPLS and remote access infrastructure