Mentor-Protégé Program

AT&T Government Solutions proudly participates in the Department of Defense Mentor-Protégé Program, which encourages prime contractors to develop the technical and management capabilities of small, disadvantaged businesses in order to enhance their contribution to the nation's economy.

Through credit toward subcontracting goals or, in some cases, direct reimbursement of costs, Mentor-Protégé programs provide incentives for mentors to establish and implement a developmental assistance plan that enables the protégé to compete more successfully for Government contract and subcontract awards.

Mentors provide technical and management assistance, financial assistance in the form of equity investments and/or loans, subcontract support, and assistance in performing prime contracts through joint venture arrangements with disadvantaged firms.

This important program is a business development initiative that helps socially and economically disadvantaged Americans gain access to economic opportunity, providing them an avenue to achieve entrepreneurial success and contribute to the strength and vigor of our economy.

We are very proud to report that AT&T Government Solutions has earned DoD's prestigious Nunn-Perry Award for outstanding performance on the Mentor-Protégé Program. This honor is awarded to companies who have excelled in the areas of commitment, technical assistance, and economic development working in partnership with small, disadvantaged businesses.

The award specifically recognized the quality of AT&T Government Solutions' technical assistance in improving business infrastructure and our aid in the identification of business opportunities for Terradigm, Inc., as well as the return on investment in contract awards won during the first two years of the award-winning contract. The customer was the Air Force Mentor-Protégé office located in San Antonio, TX.