AT&T Government Solutions - Orlando Operations Division


Your world is full of probabilities. Split-second decisions drive our nation’s forces into action. You need a net-centric environment to move data at lightning speed between battle scenarios and command centers, to keep our troops combat ready, any time anywhere.

A transformation on any scale requires a trusted provider, well versed in building, delivering and managing networking infrastructure and complex IT systems. Blending our professional services expertise along with network-enabled solutions, the Orlando Operations Division of AT&T Government Solutions offers wide ranging capabilities suited to the demands of the armed forces.

Orlando Operations Division Specialized Areas:

  • Program Management and Systems Integration
  • Non Line of Sight Tactical Engagement Simulation (TES) Systems Training
  • Testing Range Instrumentation System Network Development & Integration
  • Knowledge Acquisition/Knowledge Engineering for Constructive Simulation
  • Modeling and Simulation for Training and Testing
  • Telecommunications Infrastructure, Architecture and Engineering
  • Mobile Wireless Network Development and Integration
  • Communications Modeling and Simulation
  • Modeling and Simulation for Training and Testing (Live & Constructive)
  • Video Tele-Conferencing Engineering and Deployment
  • Test Engineering
  • Information Assurance
  • Logistics Engineering

About Our Orlando Operations Division:

Benefits of Working with Our Orlando Operations Division:

Obtain professional services expertise in specialized areas that enable your department to:

  • Train and prepare war fighters for future combat through testing and integration of training systems
  • Identify and reduce risk of errors on critical or costly operations
  • Forecast requirements and adjust resources as necessary to meet performance levels
  • Build out wired or wireless infrastructure to support a net-centric environment
  • Achieve inter-operability throughout your enterprise
  • Manage technology refreshments