AT&T Content Delivery Network Service

AT&T Content Delivery Network Service (CDN) is a fully integrated suite of hosting, Internet, security, storage, and networking services.  Agencies have access to a flexible, network-based CDN solution consisting of CDN nodes (server clusters) that are geographically dispersed throughout AT&T Internet Data Centers and Network Facilities. AT&T CDN is designed to significantly improve Agencies’ website capacity, reliability, and performance while maintaining or reducing total cost of ownership.

AT&T CDN offers caching services to our clients. Cache servers for the service operate in the reverse proxy mode and appear as real Web servers to end-users’ browsers. Cache servers pull cacheable objects from origin servers on an as needed basis; non-cacheable objects are bypassed and sent to origin servers directly. This service is further divided into two offers:

  • Web Acceleration – Web Acceleration is the basic offer of caching service. For this offer, customers host content on their own origin servers. CDN accelerates all or a portion of http/https objects for a customer’s website. Typical objects accelerated by Web Acceleration are HTML files and image files.
  • Large File Download (LFD) – LFD (or File Download or eFile Download) is a special version of caching service. Websites identified as LFD type typically contain large size objects such as downloadable software or QuickTime files.  For this offer, customers may host content on their own origin servers or use network origin servers and storage provided by CDN.