Nortel Authorized Distributor Information Technology Schedule

Contract No. GS–35F–0140L

Telecommunications Solutions At Their Best

The best in telecommunications solutions is available to you through the General Services Administration's Federal Supply Service from two world-class telecommunications companies: AGS and the family of AT&T companies — and Nortel Networks, Inc. Using the Nortel Federal Supply Schedule, Government customers purchase through AGS with the convenience of a fully-competed schedule for telecommunications equipment and services.

AGS and Nortel Networks® offer the Government customer a broad range of equipment and services. In addition, we offer the flexibility to add complementary products and services not specifically listed on the schedule, including CSU/DSU, batteries, paging systems, modems and uninterruptible power systems. This wide variety of equipment and services allows us to help you to build complete system solutions.

The Nortel Networks Federal Supply Schedule also allows you to purchase top-quality installation and maintenance services. As a result, you benefit from the strength, reliability and service responsiveness of our highly trained service support team.

Together, the family of AT&T companies and Nortel offer you these and many other types of equipment and services through the FSS:

  • Meridian 1 PBX and SL 100
  • ISDN Telephones
  • Meridian Voice Mail
  • Plexar Telephones
  • Norstar Key System
  • Installation Services
  • Companion Wireless System
  • Repair and Maintenance Services

For more information about putting our Schedules to work for you, please contact us at 1-800-842-1889.

Fast Facts About GSA Information Technology Schedule

  • Schedule Holder: Nortel Networks, Inc.
  • Authorized Reseller: SBC Southwestern Bell
  • Sponsor Agency: General Services Administration
  • Contract No.: GS–35F–0140L
  • Effective Date: January 1, 2001
  • Contract Term: January 1, 2001 - November 1, 2006
  • Contract Type: Federal Supply Schedule
  • Scope: All Federal agencies
  • Territory: Nationwide
  • Cost to Use: Contract use charge of 1% of value is included in quoted prices.
  • Program Management:

AGS Federal Solutions recognizes that your mission-critical applications depend on telecommunications. As a result, we continuously monitor customer satisfaction to assure that our performance and your satisfaction remain at the highest level.

For more information please contact Karen Galves, AGS Contract Manager at 415-644-7085 or

Nortel Networks, Meridian 1, Norstar and SL-100 are trademarks of Nortel Networks.