CEOss Partners – Woman-Owned Small Business

  • C2 Integrations, Inc. (C2I), a woman-owned small business, focuses on Network Architecture Design and Development, System Architecture Requirements Development and Tracking, Program Management, Information Management & Exchanges, C2 System Milestone preparations, JCIDS, and C2/Command Control Communications and Computers (C4). C2I serves as a force multiplier within Quantico and HQMC, integrating requirements from Deputy Commandant Plans, Policies, & Operations (DC PP&O), C2 Integration Division (C2ID), and Fires & Maneuver ID (FMID), and serves as the driver for C2 requirements throughout the Ground Combat Element (GCE). Within MCSC, their newest tasks include developing a technology vision for MAGTF C2 SA and Joint Tactical COP Workstation (JTCW). C2I’s capabilities start with C2 training and education, and their experience allows them to leverage JCIDS to achieve results throughout the Doctrine, Organization, Training, Materiel, Leadership and Education, Personnel, and Facilities (DOTMLPF) spectrum.

  • Thomas Associates, Inc. (TAI) is a woman-owned small business founded in 1988. Our core competencies include Writing (Doctrinal, Technical and Engineering Procurement Specifications), Multimedia Products (Interactive Instructional Materials, Image Branding and Graphics Design), Training Solutions (Customized e-Learning Solutions and Integrated Training Exercises) and Process Innovation (Programmatic Support and Organizational Analysis). As a prime vendor on CEOss since 2005, TAI has provided support to MCSC Product Group 11, Marine Air Ground Task Force Command and Control (MAGTF C2), Weapons and Sensors Development and Integration (MC2I), Program Manager Radars (PMM112); Training and Education Command (TECOM) Center for Advanced Operational Culture Learning (CAOCL); and TECOM Security Cooperation Education and Training Center (SCETC) Civil Military Operations Branch (CMO). As a prime vendor outside of CEOss, TAI provides technical documentation support to MCSC Product Group 13, PM Infantry Weapons Systems (IWS) and PM Raids and Reconnaissance (R&R), Product Group 14, PM Tanks as well as doctrinal writing support to TECOM Ground Training Branch and Lejeune Leadership Institute.

  • Twin-Soft Corporation, (TS), is a woman-owned small technology company specializing in providing DoD and civilian government clients with the technical and information management services required to use SharePoint as an effective business tool. Their largest DoD client is the Marine Corps. TS built and ran the eHQMC SharePoint Portal for HQMC-ARI, is consolidating 17 Site Collections into a single enterprise Portal Framework for MARCORSYSCOM PG10, and has provided Portal Strategy, Architecture, and Planning support for HQMC C4 over the past 6 years. Their largest civilian client is the Dept of State, where TS have built, deployed, and now runs the enterprise HR Publishing Portal for the Bureau of Human Resources, and is building numerous collaboration solutions and custom SharePoint and .Net applications for different constituencies across the Dept of State. The common thread across all of TS’s government clients and projects is that they specialize in providing both the technical expertise and the information management know-how to support the full lifecycle of a SharePoint implementation. TS is a certified Microsoft Partner.