Agency Specific-BPAs

AT&T Government Solutions has Blanket Purchase Agreements with the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), Treasury and others that can simplify the acquisition process even more for our government clients. Our many BPAs (listed below) can satisfy the recurring needs of government clients for the products and services included on our GSA Schedules:

VA BPA (Department of Veterans Affairs), VA BPA 549-00-6 (formerly GRCI), VA BPA 549-01-11

AT&T Government Solutions has two VA BPAs that incorporate the products and services from three of our GSA Schedules which allows our government clients to easily obtain end-to-end information solutions; high quality, technically diverse engineering services; and improved business operations solutions. Our government clients can fulfill their recurring needs for schedule products and services under one of our most successful BPAs the - VA BPA.

Air Force Electronic Systems Center, Information Technology Services Program II BPA, BPA No. F19628-02-A-0039

AT&T Government Solutions provides Information Technology Services to the Air Force Electronic Systems Center (ESC) through a Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) established using AT&T Government Solutions GSA Federal Supply Schedule for Information Technology Services.

Government Contracting Officers at ESC, including Geographically Separated Units (GSUs), Operating Locations (OLs), and its tenant organizations are the only users authorized to place orders under this BPA. AT&T Government Solutions is the prime contractor for the ITSP II BPA. To provide further support, AT&T Government Solutions has teamed with ITS Federal, a division of I.T.S. Corporation (a certified small business). This winning combination provides a robust range of experience, capabilities, and solutions in the Air Force Command and Control (AFC2) Information Technology Services (ITS) arena.

AT&T Government Solutions provides strong ITS credentials in support of the AFC2 ITS community. Our four core competencies, information technology solutions, knowledge engineering, engineering services, and consulting services correspond to the ESC ITSP II required technical services.

With the ITSP II BPA, customers can access a broad range of system-oriented technical services from AT&T Government Solutions, including :

Development Planning Analysis Manufacturing Engineering Acquisition Engineering
Data Base Development Strategic Planning Engineering Data Management
Programming Program Management Systems Analysis
Financial Management Facility Acquisition Engineering Web Design/XML Documents
Training Development Strategic Planning Civil Engineering/ Architecture
Environmental Engineering Integration Engineering and Support Specialty Engineering


Under the AT&T IRS BPA, our Treasury clients can procure products and services offered on our GSA IT Schedule. AT&T Government Solutions provides innovative, value-added services that can support any agency within the Treasury. AT&T's list of products and services on our GSA IT Schedule include:

Network Services Systems Analysis and Design Data Management
Server Based Managed Firewall Service Conversion & Implementation Support Internet Access Services (Dial & Dedicated)
Web Hosting Services Data Base Planning and Design


Systems Installation VPN Services DSL
Wireless Resources and Facilities Management

GovWorks BPA Contract No. 05566

AT&T's GovWorks BPA is a vehicle that offers streamlined acquisition of AT&T's products and services on its GSA IT Schedule.

For recurring information technology requirements and a procurement process designed for ease of use, contact AT&T Government Solutions to procure these products and services:

Network Services Systems Analysis and Design Data Management
Server Based Managed Firewall Service Conversion & Implementation Support Internet Access Services (Dial & Dedicated)
Web Hosting Services Data Base Planning and Design


Systems Installation VPN Services DSL
Wireless Resources and Facilities Management

USDA Enterprise Architecture BPA No. USDA, OPPM, POD 43-3142-3-05324

Under the USDA Enterprise Architecture BPA, AT&T Government Solutions provides Enterprise Architecture development and support services for the USDA. Our highly qualified personnel deliver the proper planning and tools to ensure consistent, exceptional, experience-rich analyses, support services and documentation. We ensure complete customer satisfaction by meeting USDA's strategic objectives for a sound and integrated enterprise architecture.

We deliver industry-leading expertise in Enterprise Architecture Planning (EAP), evaluation, and training, and can support the broad scope of USDA EA requirements in the following areas:

EA Program Management EA Program Policy Development Planning EA Work
Support EA Governance Managing EA Projects EA Survey Data Collection

EA Training

EA Toolset Mgt/Maintenance EA Business Knowledge
Component Architectures Data Architecture EA-CPIC Integration
Technology Architecture EA Quality IV&V Assessment FEA Alignment
EA Performance Metrics


Marine Corps CEOss BPA

To support the Marine Corps Systems Command's requirements under the Commercial Enterprise Omnibus Support Services (CEOss) program, AT&T Government Solutions has built an outstanding team of partner companies that have excelled in service to customers in the U.S. Government, Department of Defense, the Marine Corps, and the Marine Corps Systems Command (MCSC). Under the Marine Corps CEOss BPA we offer extensive experience across a wide spectrum of work areas that allows us to deliver an extensive portfolio of high-end engineering services across all CEOss domains.

We deliver on task orders - not just make recommendations. The proof is in our ability to meet a broad range of challenges, such as: tactical simulation programs, combat equipment inventory systems, multi-lingual speech/text translation capabilities, complex systems integration and much more.

We can bolster Department of Defense (DoD) initiatives through our collective expertise in key areas that include:

Process Assessments Logistics Training Acquisition Logistics
Supply Chain Management Technology Assessments Acquisition Engineering
Commodity-specific Engineering Support Modeling and Simulation Support Test and Evaluation Support
Risk Analysis and Recommendations Concept Development & Requirements Analysis Strategic Planning for Tech Programs
Safety and Environmental Analysis Integration of Systems/ Subsystems Specialized Technical Studies and Analysis
Logistics Engineering Assessments Other Specialty Engineering Services Business Management & Improvement
Specification Development Program Management Support Training & Human Factors Support
Laboratory Testing and Analysis Business/Technical Studies & Analysis Financial & Cost Analysis
Specialized IT Services and Software Development Complex Business Assessments Technical Studies & Analysis
Design Trades and Cost Benefit Analysis Logistics Trades & Cost Benefit Analysis PT Support & PGD Advisory Assistance
Independent Engineering Assessments Procurement Planning & Support Other Business & Analytical Services
Combat Systems Engineering Assessments Documentation / Reports / Plans Life Cycle Support Analysis
Emerging Tech Assessments and Specialized Engineering


Other Agency-Specific BPAs

Obtaining procurement flexibility is essential for simplifying defense agency processes. From professional services to our vast IT portfolio, you can acquire complete solutions under our IT Schedule 70, using any of our BPAs, including the following:

  • SPAWAR System Support
  • Norfolk Fleet Industrial Support Center
  • SSA