Enterprise Management System (AGMEMS)

When it comes to network control, we put flexibility into your hands. The AT&T Government Solutions Enterprise Management System (AGMEMS) provides an in-depth view of the functionality of your entire enterprise, including the physical layer, network devices (SNMP and non-SNMP), servers, and applications, enabling you to effectively manage performance and streamline operations. 

AGMEMS is a proven enterprise-wide monitoring and management system that was created from the same robust platform that powers the AT&T backbone and our largest global customers. Having evolved over years within the highly challenging data environment of AT&T operations, AGMEMS is well suited to handle the increasing demands placed upon government enterprises.  

Count on us to support you throughout the entire life cycle - from consultation and development to system implementation, operations, administration, and maintenance (OA&M), and beyond. We offer a full range of Professional Services to complement our platform. You have the flexibility to choose the options to increase enterprise efficiency while minimizing your workload, so your staff can concentrate on higher priorities.  

How you benefit:

  • Maintain complete control or acquire an engineering team with the security clearances and expertise to manage the AGMEMS solution for you
  • Deploy AGMEMS on your premises or at an AT&T operations center - you decide
  • Gain visibility into your enterprise equipment and application environment with the same management tools used by the AT&T Network Operations Center staff
  • Reduce bottlenecks across the enterprise by proactively pinpointing problem areas
  • Lower operating costs by improving maintenance and optimizing information flow
  • Diagnose and respond quickly to problems within your network or applications, using sophisticated reporting processes
  • Increase security of critical data by enforcing access, authorization, and privacy policies
  • Support legacy environment with a scalable, open standards based platform that uses best-of-breed component
  • Rely on a single database of record to consolidate and report data on network activity

If you are looking for an enterprise-wide service for remote network equipment management, learn more about our Enterprise Management Service, UEMS.