Network security: Safeguarding the collaborative enterprise


As the convergence of corporate networks to an all-IP platform gains pace, security issues are top of mind for corporate executives across the globe. The complexity of ensuring reliable network security is viewed as the single most critical barrier to the successful implementation of a converged IP network.

Among the advantages that IP convergence brings to firms is the ability to add value to the business by enabling greater electronic collaboration with customers. But the trend toward 'network openness' is simultaneously perceived as the greatest area of network vulnerability.

  • Fully 63% of executives in the survey say that holding and analysing detailed customer data exposes their firms to electronic security breaches, the most oft-cited of several sources of vulnerability.

  • Executives in the EIU/AT&T survey expect to devote about 14% of their IT budgets in 2005 to investment in security systems, suggesting a commitment to maintain relatively high levels of electronic security spending.

  • Hackers and virus creators are being joined now by professional criminals seeking financial gain, and are likely to have commercial organisations in their sights.

These and other findings are presented in a new report called 'Network security: Safeguarding the collaborative enterprise', which is available to download now.

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