A Quick Tour of AT&T Business Connections

A Quick Tour of AT&T Business Connections

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AT&T BusinessDirect Connections

Working together has never been easier

Working together has never been easier, now that there's AT&T Business Connections.


  • files.
  • schedules.
  • contact information.
It's the tool that lets you and your Account Team go online and securely share files, schedules, and contact information.

Collaborate effectively

Everyone on the same pag.e

When everyone is on the same page, it's easier to collaborate effectively.

Stay informed, anytime, anyplace.

To stay informed, just login and go to Business Connections. Get the latest information. Perform updates. Anytime. Anyplace.

Bring people and ideas together.

Review documents.

Read comments

Offer insights.

Exchange ideas.

When teams are located far apart, Business Connections can help bring people together.

Use the online tools to review documents. Read comments. Offer your insights. All without scheduling a meeting.

Keep everyone marching in step.

Online calendar.

Share and maintain project schedule.s

Updates instantly.

Keep everyone marching in step with the Business Connections online calendar. Use it to share and maintain project schedules. Your updates become available instantly.

Find people fast.

Use the contact information.


When you need to find people fast, use the contact information in the directory.

Share & manage documents securely.

Upload files to a secure, shared location, backed up routinely.

With Business Connections, you and your Account Team upload files to a secure, shared location that is backed up routinely.

Organize shared files and folders.

You can organize your shared files and folders according to the needs of your business.


Even search previous versions.

Search for a file based on its title, description, or the person who uploaded it. Even search this information for previous versions of a file.

No predetermined limits.

You can upload as many as five files in a single operation. There's no predetermined limit to the number of files you can share.

Control access

Assign permissions to individual users or groups.

Control access to each shared file by assigning permissions to individual users or groups that you define.

Grant access.

Grant Access permission determines whether a user or group can see a file at all.

Read only.

Read Only permission allows a user or group to download and view a file.


Modify permission allows a user or group to update a shared file.

Send mail.

When adding or updating a file, use the Send Mail option to notify selected users or groups with an email. Customize the message if you like.

Track changes

Check-out, check-in strategy.

One user at a time can edit a file

AT&T Business Connections tracks changes with a check-out, check-in strategy. Only one user at a time can edit a file.

View a revision history.

See the content of previous versions.

For modified files, you can view a revision history. It even lets you see the content of previous versions.

Get connected

AT&T Business Connections.

Contact your AT&T Account Team or Adoption Manager to register.

AT&T BusinessDirect applications are available to customer who subscribe to the specified AT&T services, which are offered pursuant to the terms, conditions, and charges set forth in AT&T's tariffs and contracts, as applicable. AT&T BusinessDirect applications and pricing are subject to change. Please refer to the AT&T BusinessDirect web site, terms and conditions, and pricing tables.

So get connected today!  Contact your AT&T Account Team to register for AT&T Business Connections.