Quick Tour: A Quick Tour of AT&T BusinessDirect® Map

A Quick Tour of AT&T BusinessDirect® Map

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AT&T BusinessDirect® | Premier  

AT&T BusinessDirect® Map

Manage services efficiently  
  • Network monitoring

  • Inventory management

  • Ticketing

  • Limited ordering and order status

...with one tool

Imagine a single online tool that shows your network at a glance, provides service details at the click of a mouse— and lets you report troubles, place orders, and monitor network performance. 

AT&T Frame Relay Service

AT&T ATM Service

AT&T Private Line Service

AT&T Dedicated Voice Service (Domestic Only)

AT&T IP-Enabled Frame Relay and ATM Services

AT&T Switched Ethernet Servicesm (Domestic Only Service)

AT&T VPN Transport and Managed Services

AT&T Enhanced VPN Services

AT&T Managed Router Services

AT&T Managed Internet Service / Private Network Transport

Applications Performance Management

AT&T BusinessDirect Map makes it possible for all these services. 
View your network  
Graphically AT&T BusinessDirect Map offers two intuitive views of your network. Your network map shows your entire network at a glance.

Street-level detail available for all U.S. locations

And you can drill down for a closer view — all the way to the street level.


Your inventory display lets you see location information, circuit identifiers, and other data — across services — at both the network and site level. And you can drill down for more details, such as port and PVC speed, with the click of a mouse.  With ready access to in-depth network information, you can manage your services more easily.
Monitor network performance  


With status indicators on every screen, you’ll always have the latest information.


Network alarms are updated every three minutes. Information on Frame Relay / ATM Port Utilization and Frame Relay PVC Congestion is updated hourly for both US and International locations.  You can also select specific trunk groups for real-time monitoring of call attempts and usage levels. You can even receive notification when trunk usage exceeds preset thresholds for US locations.
 CNMS / WRI performance reports And, if you subscribe to CNMS / WRI performance reports, you can access them easily.
Simplify network tasks  
  • Monitor

  • Detect

  • Test

  • Report

  • Track

AT&T BusinessDirect Map also lets you report troubles and order services seamlessly.
For example, when you detect a circuit outage, you probably want to test the circuit and report the trouble right away. That’s why AT&T BusinessDirect Map takes you directly to the correct trouble-reporting screen via a pop-up menu.

Track status effectively  


You can even track the status of your trouble tickets — and your service orders — right on the home page while you monitor network performance.  And you can click any indicator for more detail.

Register today  


Save time, stay informed, and keep your network running smoothly.  Call your account representative to register for AT&T BusinessDirect Map today.

AAT&T BusinessDirect® Map

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To fully utilize the capabilities in AT&T BusinessDirect Map, you must be registered for both AT&T eMaintenance and AT&T eOrder as well as AT&T BusinessDirect.

AT&T BusinessDirect applications are available to customers  who subscribe to the specified AT&T Services, which are offered pursuant to the terms, conditions, and charges as set  forth in the AT&T Service Guide and AT&T’s tariffs and contracts, as applicable. AT&T BusinessDirect applications and pricing are subject to change. Please refer to the AT&T BusinessDirect web site, Terms and Conditions, and Pricing Tables.