Secure Infrastructure Services

When networks grow organically, or by merger and acquisition, they often end up performing sub-optimally. The same is true for security devices, for example, firewalls with thousands of rules. There may also be various programs and requirements that drive architectural changes such as the push towards de-perimeterization and network segmentation. Our skilled and certified security consultants have unmatched experience in the areas of network consolidation and the analysis of data and packet flow. AT&T Consulting knows how to segment networks and then tune the security devices for optimal performance, minimal impact and excellent security. We have experience with data leakage and data loss prevention tools, as well as security event management devices and other state-of-the-art products. Our consultants can collaborate with you to develop a cohesive security architecture, which can be deployed and integrated in an adaptive and iterative lifecycle manner.

Secure Network Architecture

AT&T Consulting provides planning, design, and implementation of data/voice integrated secure network infrastructures. Our involvement typically starts with an architecture assessment that examines the overall network architecture to ensure that it meets and incorporates industry standards and best practices for information security controls. The key elements that comprise a secure network architecture service are:

  • Planning, Design and Implementation
  • Configuration Reviews

Firewall Assessment Services

Administrators spend countless hours analyzing rule bases and determining the requirements for each rule. AT&T Consulting Firewall Assessment Service will reduce the existing firewall management costs and make it more effective over the long term while increasing security, visibility, and control. The key elements of this service include:

  • Implementation and Administration
  • Migration and Consolidation: Tuning (security, performance and compliance)

Security Event Management

The enterprise networks of today have a multitude of combinations of network devices, operating systems, databases and appliances that need monitoring and management. There is a tremendous volume of data generated from these devices that are required to be consolidated and streamlined, in order to identify security threats and to be able to efficiently respond to them. The key activities included as part of this service are:

  • Log consolidation, alerting and reporting
  • Intrusion Detection / Prevention / NAC placement and tuning

Data Discovery and Data Loss Prevention

A Data Discovery Assessment is designed to discover the presence of sensitive data being stored on authorized / unauthorized systems or in an unauthorized manner (i.e., unencrypted storage) in enterprise systems. The sensitive data commonly searched for includes credit card information, social security numbers and intellectual property. AT&T Consulting uses automated tools to search for key pieces of sensitive or personal data in workstations, server file systems, databases and in e-mail. AT&T Consulting employs a powerful data scanning process to search for this sensitive information. This scanning may be comprehensive across the entire enterprise or focused on particular systems / environments.

Incident Response and Forensics

AT&T Consulting can provide Incident Response as an expedited service, followed immediately with a forensic examination, or can be brought in after an internal response effort to conduct the forensic investigation. During the response, we may work with Legal, IT, Information Security, Compliance, Business Unit and Risk Managers to provide value to all affected parts of your business. The Incident Response and Forensics operations assessment service provides a critical review of your current internal processes and procedures for handling events, incidents and evidence. The results of the review are presented in a gap analysis format referencing industry best practices. AT&T Consulting provides a variety of other services that address the security risks and challenges that organizations face following an incident:

  • Incident Response
  • Incident Response and Forensics Program development
  • Forensics and Electronic Discovery
  • PCI Qualified Incident Response Assessors (QIRA) PCI Forensic Investigator

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