IT Service Management

Operations Strategy and Roadmap

In today’s mission critical application services environment, the performance of IT operations has profound impacts on the business, customer experience, and overall value perceived by the enterprise. Newer web and convergent applications drive greater expectations in user experience and often outpace the capacity of IT. The AT&T Consulting Operations Strategy and Roadmap offering helps you build an effective roadmap for end-to-end management services. Our program evaluates the current management functions and service infrastructure in three principal dimensions: People (staff), Process, and Technology. We take a fit for purpose approach, evaluating how each dimension relates to the other, and developing a custom tailored program scope to your specific needs. Key activities and outputs include: assessment of current IT services and service management staff, review of current processes and management technologies, establishment of target state requirements and architecture, analysis of gaps between current and target state operating capabilities, and generation of the unique, step-based recommendations for operations optimization and transformation.

EMS Technology Strategy and Roadmap

Enterprise Management System (EMS) technologies offer a window into the health and well being of the IT service infrastructure. Yet in many cases, the full potential of these tools is not realized, due to the absence of a technology strategy which defines key functions, who will use them, and how the technology should be integrated into existing platforms. The resulting technology environment may also become federated, resulting in unnecessary costs and preventing the enterprise from achieving true service management. The AT&T Consulting EMS Technology Strategy and Roadmap program can help organizations define a comprehensive technology plan, and eliminate or consolidate these management silos through the development of an integrated EMS architecture. Our program approach consists of the evaluation of current tools and technologies in a “service in context” orientation by mapping key service management requirements (SLA, KPI, CSF, etc.) against current platform capabilities. We define a target state architecture that rationalizes existing investments against functional needs, perform gap analysis between current and target state management technology requirements, and develop step based recommendations.

Operations Center Design and Implementation

For many companies, the operations center is the lifeblood of the IT organization, providing service management and the customer facing portal into the world of IT. The mission of delivering cost effective, yet robust service management places high demands on even the most successful and well orchestrated operations center. AT&T Consulting understands the complexity of world class operations center design, and has expertise in large scale operations that is second to none. We offer our Operations Center Design and Implementation service to match our client’s operations center greenfield, globalization and consolidation strategies. This program helps develop NOC and SOC functions in a cost effective manner which embraces the notion of fit for purpose design principles, leveraging existing operational best practices, and optimizing the service management posture of our clientele. Key focus areas include operations center planning and strategy development, organizational, process and management technology modeling, design and implementation, service modeling and design, operations center physical design and implementation, human ergonomic design, and implementation of audio/visual solutions.

EMS Technology Architecture and Integration

The Enterprise Management System (EMS) Technology Architecture and Integration program is the sister service to the EMS Technology Strategy and Roadmap. With the proliferation of complex Business Service Management technologies that are the norm within the IT service management sector, there is an ever pressing need to architect and integrate Enterprise Management solutions covering a wide range of disparate technologies. AT&T Consulting takes a pragmatic approach to designing and implementing EMS platforms that comes from real world experience in some of the largest IT service management environments. Our platform expertise includes EMC Smarts, HP, Tivoli Netcool, NetScout, InfoVista and many others. Our EMS blueprint methodology and best practices take into account existing investments and develop architectures that match the functional requirements, and are also scalable and maintainable. We provide client advocacy and trusted advisory roles that minimize vendor and industry hype by placing the emphasis on realistic goals and objective setting. Our program approach encompasses assessment and analysis of existing and new management platform functionality and use cases, development of EMS architectural specifications, development of Proof of Concept (POC) architecture and integration specifications, development of design and implementation plans for the proposed solution, and the development of testing/acceptance plans and execution protocol for the selected solution.